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Rand Paul Has Something To Say To Today's African-American Kids

"And here I am today at Howard, a historically black college. Here I am, a guy who once presumed to discuss a section of the Civil Rights Act. Some have said that I’m either brave or crazy to be here today. I’ve never been one to watch the world go by without participating. I wake up each day hoping to make a difference. I take to heart the words of Toni Morrison of Howard University, who wrote: 'If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.'" —If you've been waiting for the sketch comedy bit where Rand Paul [...]


Wacky Man Says Wacky Thing

"I know I harp on Rand a lot, but I can't get over the outsized influence over public life commanded by an utter nutball. If we had prominent members of Congress running around citing the theories of Lyndon LaRouche, people would freak out. That's the situation we're in." —The New Republic's Jonathan Chait considers Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's argument that wanting to give everyone health care "means you believe in slavery."


A Guide to the 2010 Republican Up-And-Comers

Ben Quayle: Competing to represent Arizona's 3rd congressional district. Figured that enough people would have forgotten his blithering not-Jack-Kennedy father to make his unfortunate genetics a non-issue, yet had the paterfamilias announce his candidacy on Fox News' "America Live" (a factless daytime chat show hosted by Greta Van Susteren's understudy) because he is a sniveling and fearful child. Tried to compensate for this transparent cowardice with the ad above attacking Barack Obama-who is not one of his nine Republicans opponents in the upcoming GOP primary-as the "worst president in history," and delivered his lines as though he were trying to convince an underage hooker to run away with him [...]


Rand Paul Backs Down

Bowing to political reality, Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul has issued a clarification of his beliefs which includes the words, "I unequivocally state that I will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964." Poor guy. What have we become as a country when a man can't affirm his belief in the rights of private businesses to discriminate based on race without then having to explain that he himself does not believe that businesses should discriminate based on race, just that they should be allowed to discriminate based on race? This is not the America I knew.


Sorry, Rand Paul: The Drones Are Here To Stay

Rogue ophthalmologist Rand Paul has been a disheveled weirdo for the entirety of his political career, because the apple does not fall far from the tree of liberty, but last night he won the hearts of many people on Twitter because he was up most of the night reading blogs aloud as part of a filibuster against Barack Obama's pick for the new CIA chief. (The last CIA chief resigned over sexting.)

The moral issue of drone assassins is very important, and there are obvious constitutional and police-state issues both domestically and internationally, but this is less a political shift than a technological evolution. Remotely controlled flying war machines [...]


So, the Right Hates Lauren Valle Because She's Against Big Corporations Running the Government?

Now-fired Rand Paul campaign worker Tim Proffitt wants an apology from the woman whose head he was forced to stomp yesterday. His point being, she's a professional activist. You know, just like ACORN, or the NAACP, or "Americans for Prosperity," or "FreedomWorks," or Congress. Other people's points being that Lauren Valle is an UNHINGED ATTACKER PAID ACTIVIST. (Calling her an attacker is an extreme distortion, of course, of what happened.) But it's actually fascinating that the agitated right is now going after this woman, because her line of work is… mounting opposition to corporate fat cats. I mean, isn't that at heart the Tea Party line? Except [...]


The More You Hate Rand Paul, The More Kentucky Loves Him

Being from the state of Kentucky, you get pretty used to being the butt end of tired jokes. Whether it's one of those uproarious "marrying your cousin" numbers needlessly tacked onto the end of an Alicia Silverstone movie or the classic "rides your horse to school" bit from some drunken Long Island-bred friend, the hits keep coming. And coming. And coming. Ironies be damned.

It happens so much that at some point you become inured and stop being appalled and hurt, at least outwardly. Whether it's through attrition or ambivalence, you learn to chuckle it off with a knowing "Yeah, we're pretty hilarious" and move on, forgoing [...]


Rand Paul Has Issues

In an attempt to be charitable about Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul's political views (Paul takes issue with parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act on the grounds that private institutions should be allowed to discriminate), the best the Washington Post's Ezra Klein can come up with is, okay, he might not be a racist, but he is an ideological extremist. Which seems to be a fair, if not terribly helpful, characterization. Klein also notes that, "When you can't answer the question 'Should [the] Woolworth lunch counter have been allowed to stay segregated? Sir, just yes or no,' it's fair to say you're off-message," which is indisputably true. [...]


Campaign 2016 Is Finally Here!

We received our first "_____ for President, 2016" spam today, which is great. (We've also unsubscribed from all the political emails, now that Obama has successfully been anointed president for life, so it's possible that some other 2016 bumper stickers are already out there.) Anyway, go Ron Rand Paul! He will stop whatever's happening, and give you Liberty, if you can afford it. Support whatever Super PAC is doing this, for freedom. Also, Rand Paul is a talking snake?

We are not going to mince words here: Elect a talking snake in 2016:


Rand Paul Calls Head-Stomping "A Bit of a Crowd Control Problem"

There still don't seem to be any arrests in the matter of Rand Paul supporters detaining and stomping on a liberal lady. Then Paul rather shrugged it off on the TV.


Jeb Bush on the Fundraising Trail!

Mmm, look at that, Jeb Bush out hosting private fundraisers. For none other than former teabagger darling and current sort-of teabagger sell-out Rand Paul! I'm not sure who beats whom in the rock-paper-scissors of Big Republican Dynasty v. Teabag Radical Upstart, when a Rand Paul and a Jeb Bush meet. Or do they both lose? I mean, this is weird, as they actually don't have that much in common! Bush is also speaking today at the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Rand Paul, Dark Prince of the Right's Bladerunner Future

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, whose real first name is Randal and so you shouldn't worry too much about the whole Ayn Rand thing, honest, is running for Senate in Kentucky and also he is kind of a downer. "Rand Paul's stump speech can be a downer. Although he is not above offering some anti-Obama red meat — 'Sarah Palin said he's been palling around with terrorists; now he's palling around with the world's communists' — his remarks drift into dark idiosyncrasy: He criticizes population-control policies by saying governments fear 'too many breathers,' as in humans. He reminds supporters that the 'Bridge to Nowhere' was built by [...]