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Ralph Nader Is 80

Happy birthday to Ralph Nader, a tireless activist to whom we all owe a debt a gratitude as a result of… well, I guess the car thing was something. Anyway, America's greatest living symbol of unintended consequences turns 80 today.


Bin Laden or Jared Leto: Whose Career Looked More Promising In 2000?

Once upon a time there was a magazine. It was called Talk, and Tina Brown made it with her friend Harvey Weinstein. Tina must have had a magical crystal ball because, as we see in this month's installment, the prescience displayed in this turn-of-the-century synergy handbook is something to behold.

In October 2000, Tina Brown celebrated Talk's new office: "After nearly two years in small and excessively intimate 'temporary' quarters in midtown Manhattan, we've moved downtown into spacious permanent digs in the Chelsea district, designed to our needs and specifications by architect Ross Anderson."

Other new things celebrated in October 2000: Zooey Deschanel, "a straightforward and unbratty new [...]


Ralph Nader Still Chipping Away At Our Fine Country

I keep remembering, and then forgetting, that Ralph Nader has just published a novel. It doesn't sound so great, and also a little broad-strokingly Randian, according to Awl pal Seth Colter Walls: "But unlike the author of a tome as worshipfully phallocentric as The Fountainhead, the consumer advocate turned third-party presidential candidate doesn't know from sex appeal. When Nader writes about an 'aroused citizenry,' he means a public eager to fill up its free hours with the business of joining consumer unions." Hilariously, Nader made contact, before publication, with all the people whose names he used in the book. Of course, this resulted in the world's most hilarious [...]