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Why Couldn't They Have Hijacked The Truck With The Less Dangerous Radioactive Material?

Good morning! "A truck carrying 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material has been stolen in Mexico, authorities said Wednesday. The vehicle was transporting the radioactive isotope cobalt-60 from a hospital where it was being used for radiotherapy, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. Experts said that if the material gets into the wrong hands it could be turned into a 'dirty bomb' and potentially spread cancer-causing radiation across a wide area."


Chernobyl: The Most Awesome Tourist Destination

"Background radiation in the accident zone is still well above normal," says CNN, about the Chernobyl exclusion zone, which is going to be opened to tourists! Awesome. I would love to go see this, actually. But also, says CNN, "visitors receive a dose comparable to the exposure they would receive on a trans-Atlantic flight." Got that? High radiation; just like flying to London.


Our Sci-Fi Dystopia Is Here!

"Can 'Ice Wall' Contain Fukushima Radiation Leaks?" —I… sure hope so?


Even Christie Brinkley Not Enough To Interest Reporters In Scientific Study

"In 1961, as John Kennedy was poised to resume atmospheric testing after a two-year moratorium, he met with White House science adviser Jerome Wiesner in the Oval Office one rainy day. The president wondered how fallout reached the earth. Wiesner explained that it was washed out of the clouds by rain. 'You mean,' Kennedy asked, 'it's in the rain out there?' As Wiesner tells it, the president then 'looked out the window, looked very sad and didn't say a word for several minutes." Nonetheless JFK, fearful that the Soviet Union might score a nuclear breakthrough, authorized a new round of above-ground testing before negotiating the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in [...]


Radiation Is Such A Shrew

"A Japanese research agency has dropped a controversial public relations campaign aimed at educating women about nuclear safety that compared radiation to the screaming voice of an angry wife." [Illustration here]