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How Did 'Forrest Gump' Ever Beat Out 'Pulp Fiction' For Best Picture?

Brian: George C. Scott, loveable old grump that he was, famously called the Oscars "a two-hour meat parade," as well as "offensive, barbarous and innately corrupt." It's hard to argue with any of that, but it makes me nostalgic for the days when the Academy could get it over with in a mere hundred and twenty minutes.

Brad: The Oscars officially died for me in 2002, when Ron Howard somehow won Best Director for A Beautiful Mind over Robert Altman and David Lynch, who were nominated for Gosford Park and Mulholland Drive.

As the Oscars draw near, the second in a series about our strong movie opinions, past and [...]


The Night Lady Gaga Blew Up the Internet with 'Telephone'

Natasha: Can I ask you something?

Choire: Yes!

Natasha: Do you 'get it'?

Natasha: Like Gaga overall.

Choire: I *largely* get it. I mean, obviously I groove on the, I guess, excitement level? And I don't despise the music, although it's remarkably unremarkable. But I get it!


Happy Reverse Racism Day!

Did you have a good racism morning? There's only 13 shopping days left until Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained hits theaters. But already whites are rising up against this film, which accurately depicts the intolerable cruelty of The Blacks to white people throughout American history. "Many of us are tired of blatant anti-white racism being couched in 'satire' or 'comedic routines' just so we can be called 'thin-skinned' when we take offense," is how people are responding. Think that's an outlier? Oh there is so much more, when Drudge commenters flood the Hollywood Reporter, which is so grateful for the sweet, sweet traffic flood that they're too stunned to TURN [...]


Flicked Off: Two Things Not To Get Wrong About "Inglourious Basterds"

Choire Sicha: I have a question. At where did you see the new film by Quentin Tarantino?

Seth Colter Walls: Battery Park City, which was very clean. And very weird.

Choire Sicha: Oh yes! Oddest theater ever. I saw "Soul Plane" there. Crowded?

Seth Colter Walls: Yeah, it appeared to be sold-out or nearly so. The theater may have been unprepared. At one point after the previous crowd finished exiting, the people waiting for our showtime just sort of made a mad dash for the theater!

Choire Sicha: This is where I would insert an offensive joke about Europe and World War II.


Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

So the new Twin Shadow video, which had a big public debut in Times Square yesterday, is very disappointing. The song is so good, with those amazing bell synths, stolen from that old Naked Eyes gem. I don't know why they (George Lewis, Jr. and director Keith Musil) didn't use better lighting in the middle of a dark forest. You can't see anything. (Maybe it looked better on giant LED screens in Times Square?) Or, more disturbingly, why they chose to go all Braveheart on the viewer. It seems they've confused violence with heroism. Or even just, excitement. It's like "the new video for Killer Mike's [...]