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More Banking Bonus Discussions Should Be Scored To Songs About Women With Large Asses

"Tory MP Shailesh Vara and Labour's Caroline Flint's heated debate about banking bonuses was momentarily halted as the song Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen started blarring out from Nick Robinson's iPad on BBC's Daily Politics show. The two MPs were on the show with host Andrew Neil and the BBC political editor reviewing Prime Minister's Questions, when out of the blue, their discussion of banker's bonuses was interrupted by the Nick Robinson's tablet ringtone playing the soft rock hit."


If People Are Going To Ride Bicycles In New York In This Weather, We Can't Win

Walking my kid to school this morning, shivering, frustratedly yanking him away from the patches of "snow" he was so desperate to walk through, I was amazed by how many people were riding their bikes over the same slippery, ice-frozen streets. All bundled up in bulky coats, exhaling visible breath through the scarves wrapped around their faces, some of them carting their own kids in specially designed second-seats. There they were, peddling along, getting to work, clumsily negotiating a very-difficult-to-negotiate terrain and traffic, making better time than I was. (Though, to be sure, I did not envy them. They all seemed to have expressions on their faces that [...]


The Old Ways Are the Best Ways

What is with this modern world? For instance: on iTunes and on Amazon download, you can't purchase Queen's "Greatest Hits I, II & III – The Platinum Collection." You can only buy the greatest hits album by album, such as the 14 songs on "Greatest Hits I" for $11.99 on iTunes (which is $9.49 on Amazon), or the Platinum Collection song by song for 99 cents each. WHICH IS $43.56. Or, you know, you can buy The Platinum Collection for $15.49! On some things called CDs! Which I guess can then go into your computer, if you have a working disc drive and somehow become mp3s? Back with more Queen-related [...]


Brian May Is 65

Brian Harold May, noted astrophysicist and Commander of the Order of the British Empire, turns 65 today. You might also know him from his sideline in kicking ass at guitar.


Seriously Stuck in My Head: Muppets Do 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

What can I say? asljkfasdljf 7KZD9RS9ZD4H FRZZ9KTHG65K ?!


The World Needs "Queen: Rock Band"

The Beatles: Rock Band did okay: in September, in the U.S., it sold 595,000 units. That's just decent. But the thing about the game is that it kind of sucks, in terms of playability. (Though it rules in terms of gorgeousness-the visuals are awesome.) As a game itself, though, there's almost nothing there. It comes with so few tracks, it isn't terribly challenging, and in terms of a "game," as in, an advancing storyline, it is abysmal. Last week, Rock Band released a Queen ten-song pack, and in terms of playability and fun, those ten Queen songs are more than ten times the fun of Beatles: Rock Band. (EVEN IF [...]


Lady Still Willing To Be All, "And What Do You Do?"

It's nice to see someone who's been on the job for 60 years still be willing to continue being rich and stuff.


From The People Who Brought You "Filipino Convict 'Thriller'"

You can catch the full performance here, but this clip of the world-famous Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center dancers in the Philippines performing a medley of Queen songs-choreographed by a mass murderer!-may be just the thing to bring some light into your partly cloudy afternoon. Although there is something rather cruel about forcing prisoners to perform "I Want To Break Free." Enjoy!