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What's In Your Man Purse, Man?

"Handbags are no longer seen as a female-only accessory after a survey found men are choosing to carry around a "man bag", often containing contents worth £900"


Hot Fashion Trends: Magical Purses That You Don't Have To Carry!

You know what's "in" this holiday season? It's a purse with a twist! A purse that has a strap, you see, or a chain, that you can put over a shoulder and hang there—or maybe be kicky, and also put it around your neck and therefore wear it "cross-body." This leaves your hands free to do things that ladies like to do with their hands! Like paint dolls or play the maracas or smoke meth just windmill the air with your free, free hands! No joke, people, the Times is all up on this, so hurry and do it fast.


Inside Hermès' Birkin Bag Assembly Line

Did you see this photo series of women making Birkin bags at the Hermès atelier? No reason, just kind of fascinating and porn-ey and like, artisanal sweatshop, in the Olden Times manner. (Happy May Day eve!)


Hermes Now Breeding Own Purse-Crocodiles In Australia

"French luxury goods group Hermes has resorted to breeding its own crocodiles on farms in Australia to try to meet demand for its leather bags, its chief executive said on Monday…. Hermes already faces a major challenge producing 3,000 crocodile bags a year, [Patrick] Thomas said, adding: 'The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!'"


Olsen Caught With Handbag! What Does It Mean?

You may or may not have heard about this, but last month one of the Olsen twins was photographed with a handbag. I'm not making this up. And this is not like those other times that one of the Olsen twins was photographed with a handbag. No, forget about all those Yves Saint Laurents, Balenciagas and Chanels (as shown here). This specific handbag on this specific Olsen (Ashley) was an as-yet unreleased handbag from The Row, the Olsens' own fashion line. Additionally, this specific handbag retails at $39,000.

No, I'm not lying. Not only was it on the Internet, it was all over the Internet: [...]