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Trinidad James, "All Gold Everything": The Suggested Remixes

Are you up on Trinidad James? He's a new rapper out of Atlanta that everyone's talking about. Above, the charming video for his hit single, "All Gold Everything." I like how he's dressed up like Jimi Hendrix. (Between Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000 and now Trinidad James, Hendrix's rock-n-roll pirate style is enjoying a bigger moment in hip-hop than it ever has before, I think.) I also like how he's holding a puppy. ("It’s a baby dog and we’re really just chilling," he explained to Complex. "I want people to always feel like, 'I can chill with this nigga. He cool. If he can chill with [...]


Williamsburg Nail Shop Wins Pun Contest

North Williamsburg just got a whole lot more fun for pun enthusiasts. Please welcome the nail shop called… Finailly to the corner of Driggs and N. 11th. (FINAILLY!) Pedicures $22, manicures $10! I will be attending just because that is a terrible, terrible pun.


Syrup Story Is Renewable Resource For Terrible Puns

"The plot thickened Wednesday in the heist of a big dollop of Quebec's strategic maple-syrup reserve."


How To Make Jokes and Puns

Today's Post reports that "An officer conducting an inspection at a Bronx narcotics unit last week found a soft-core porn movie playing on one of the TVs in the facility, police sources said. The skin flick was playing on a satellite-TV premium channel. That violates an NYPD policy banning such channels at work." Okay, so! The newspaper has done its job, by playing straight man. (Although this is a terrible headline.) Still, they have set up, by my back-of-the-envelope calculations, at least 450³ possible jokes. Heaven! And yet, the lone commenter on this story at the Post is doing it wrong. Let's explain!


Mosquitos Show Even Less Regard For Basic Decorum Than We Thought

"Roughly one to two minutes after she starts feeding, an Anopheles stephensi mosquito will excrete urine and preurine through the anus, at the end of the abdomen. Sometimes a drop of the fluid will form and cling to the body before falling off; when this happens, some fluid evaporates like sweat and cools the mosquito’s abdomen by almost four degrees." —Great. As if mosquitos could get any more disgusting and insulting and life-ruining than they already are: While they're drinking our blood, they're also pooping and peeing. I have a suspicion, based on personal experience and a fondness for dumb puns, that this phenomenon is especially prevalent among [...]


Crossword Corner: Look Back In Anger

This week's puzzle: short, but hard! (Mmmph… OKAY, okay, that's what she said!) Print and enjoy in the privacy of your cubicle, if you still have one.