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Pulp & Soulwax, "After You"

Back in January, Pulp released its first "new" material in years. And here's a remix, just in time for Record Store Day, which is Saturday. Enjoy. [Via]


Pulp Is Coming

So Pulp will be playing Radio City on April 11th. While you sit around waiting to buy tickets (they go on sale Friday), please enjoy a few live performances. Meanwhile, NPR is streaming Leonard Cohen's new album, Old Ideas. This day is actually shaping up a lot better than I thought it would when I woke this morning. I wonder what's going to happen to screw it up.


Pulp, "After You"

A reunited Pulp spent the winter holidays playing shows on a cruise ship called the S.S. Coachella (uhh …) but also got together with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy to record this perfect disco-hopping/shopping track called "After You." And here it is, in all its cheesy-synth-hook droll Jarvis Cocker glory.

Released on Boxing Day, but apparently not yet for sale, the song is the first new thing released by Pulp in a decade. Also, on the cruise ship, Jarvis did Power Point presentations on the songwriting process and James Murphy led a wine-tasting class.


Going Home With Pulp

Last Sunday, the third day of the Wireless festival in Hyde Park, I wandered through a crowd of around 50,000 people, past a crowded Fish & Chips stand, and a much less crowded “BBQ Burger” stand, past red-faced men swearing and carrying four pints of beer, and groups of healthy-looking European student-types sitting on blankets, to wait for a group of seven people from Sheffield to play their first show in London since 2002.

Both of these cities had loomed so large in my imagination for so long; London was, of course, London, but Sheffield was “Sheffield: Sex City,” as ludicrous as that may sound on its face. I [...]


Pulp, "Common People"

For some of us here in New York, this is about as close as we're going to get to seeing Pulp live. Want more? Here's "Like A Friend."


My Chemical Romance, "Common People"

Um, here are My Chemical Romance—a band that formed a decade ago, by the way, which makes everybody OLD—covering Pulp's "Common People" at the BBC. It's not embeddable, so click through if this is something that, for some reason, you'd like to hear.