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Coffee Hut Named After Boobies Accused Of Doing Bad Thing

When a business is named Java Juggs can anyone really be surprised that it may be providing sexual services?


Vegas Bear Hooker Wears Birkenstocks

It's the American dream: a 47-year-old man can, in Las Vegas, while wearing Birkenstock sandals to work, earn $150 an hour. There is some sex involved but really, how is this not appealing as a lifestyle choice?


Berlusconi Adding Hookers To Scandal Mix

There's more agita for Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Currently embroiled in controversy over his relationship with a buxom teenage model, the scandal-plagued premier is now facing accusations that some of his associates recruited young women to attend his private parties, and that Berlusconi had relations with one of the "paid escorts." Three women have come forward with details involving Berlusconi's assignation with Patrizia D'Addario, who was allegedly promised 2000 euros (about $2777) to, um, minister to the Prime Minister. As with every story about Berlusconi, it's the small details that are worth savoring.


Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

0:05 Man who looks like Seth Meyers and mimics facial expressions of Ed Helms gets dumped at restaurant by needlessly cruel woman. 0:08 He goes home to dark apartment to cry and masturbate to internet porn on Macbook Air. 0:10 Ends up on Citi Private Pass page and decides to pay for sex.


Krugman Got His Shiny Face on This Morning

Any time Paul Krugman uses the phrase "I'm feeling optimistic" in his first sentence is cause for celebration. That's what he does in today's op-ed about the climate summit in Copenhagen. (More cause for celebration: free sex for all attending diplomats!) By the end of the piece, he's really eating happy pills. "Let's hope my optimism about Copenhagen is justified. A deal there would save the planet at a price we can easily afford-and it would actually help us in our current economic predicament." Great! But shouldn't that be, "a deal might, maybe, possibly save the planet, if we are very, very lucky, and probably not?"


Local Paper to Undermine Small (Prostitution) Businesses

West Palm Beach is bringing back public shaming to deter prostitution.

The City Commission has agreed to post booking photos of johns arrested for soliciting prostitutes on the city's web site.

West Palm Beach received national attention in the 1990s when it enacted a similar program, but it cost the city a $10,000 settlement after a man whose name was printed was acquitted and sued the city.

This time, West Palm Beach will only post the photos of johns who have been arrested more than once.



Hooker-Loving Dad Reacts To Hooker Daughter

"I cannot say for certain until I speak to her, but it may have affected her. I guess she came to the realisation that prostitutes are just people, it's not the stereotype that people often seem to think." -Paul Magnanti, father of Brooke Magnanti, on his patronage of over 150 prostitutes. Brooke Magnanti recently outed herself as the author of Belle de Jour, the popular prostitute blog.