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"Porn Star" Colby Keller Gives Away His Instagram; Fans Concerned, Amused, Deflated

Indie porn star Colby Keller is apparently working out some life/art scheme to give up everything—in fact he's given away everything he owned, for free. And, at last evicted by his terrible landlord, he's moving out of Baltimore after nine years. He hasn't made clear where he's going, but somewhere west of Baltimore.

Tomorrow marks the end of #piecesof8 and my final disposal of worldly possessions here in Liberty, Tennessee!

— Colby Keller (@colbykeller) May 31, 2014

One thing he's given away is his Instagram account. Overnight, suddenly, the account became the property of his friend Dena. Reaction was mixed! Mad, amused, intrigued, welcoming, [...]


The Unfunded Art Project Inspired By Victorian Human Skulls

Sometimes, Kickstarter campaigns don’t meet their funding goals—but it’s not the end of the world! In this series, we explore what happens next.

Last spring, Jeanne Kelly, a visual artist with a background in forensic art, was finishing up her MFA at Parsons in New York. She found inspiration for her thesis among the 138 human skulls that make up the Hyrtl Collection at Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum. Jeanne wanted to find out what the former owners of those skulls, collected in the late 1800s, looked like. She selected eight individuals—including a tightrope walker who died of a broken neck, a famous Viennese prostitute who died of meningitis and [...]


Millennials: They Took Our Society and Now They Have a Magazine

Millennials Magazine is live. If you think the children are terrifying, this will cement the deal. If you can handle young people talking about their feelings and their world views and publications that actually print IM chats and also the sentence "I was in eighth grade when the pilot episode of The O.C. aired," then you'll be fine with the rest.


A Third Way Of Looking At Copyright

Long-time blogger (and even longer-time Canadian) Joe Clark has announced his new book project, "The Cranky Copyright Book." It promises to investigate that huge swath of intellectual territory between the RIAA and Cory Doctorow; his point being that neither party in the copyright wars has our (meaning: your) best interest at heart. He's also promising to go where no wo/man has dared to go before! "I will spend ages rereading the entire Ã…"uvres of [Larry] Lessig (and [Michael] Geist). I'll listen to all their interviews and watch all their presentations. And I'm going to write the first independent analysis of either of them that isn't financed by [...]


Writers No One Reads

Between 1918 and 1928, Alexander Vasilievich Chayanov (1888-1937) wrote and published (at his own expense) five short Gothic-fantastic tales in separate volumes with print runs of no more than 300 copies, mostly under the whimsical pseudonym “Botanist X.” In his lifetime and until the 1990s, Chayanov was better known as an expert in agricultural economics, particularly peasant labor – and his objections to Stalin’s program of forced collectivization caused his arrest in 1930, exile from Moscow to Kazakhstan, and eventual execution.

Have you read Alexander Chayanov? Me neither! He is among the variety of things you may discover at Writers No One Reads Dot Tumblr Dot Com.


Have You Started Your Novel Yet This Month?

It is time for our annual plug for National Novel Writing Month, which began yesterday, and it is not at all too late to join in! By whatever strange twist of madness, I've made my living writing (also sometimes just typing) for a few years, but before that, the first time I ever tried to do something serious with writing was for NaNoWriMo, back in its second or third year or something. Naturally the "novel" itself I was working on was a miserable failure, but it led to making friends, and getting encouragement from writers, and actually was key very directly in moving from amateur to slightly less amateur. [...]


Lone German Helping NYC the Only Way He Knows How

One lone German is helping to fix New York, by way of extreme patchwork anality. (This is sort of like if some American went to Germany and started using pressboard and styrofoam to patch up Berlin, which, come to think of it, sounds fun, BRB!)


"Everyone had an opinion"

This explanation of what happened to Kyle McDonald after he installed image-capturing software in Apple store computers is fascinating.


Long Reads: The New Website Most Important to the Future of the Internet

It's the future of the Internet—the just-launched Long Reads website! Previously conducted solely through Twitter, the Long Reads project is now live, searchable and full of wordy goodness. Here's where you can help: the most-frequently suggested sources for Long Reads are good but a little traditional, including as they do the Times and the New Yorker and those usual suspects. And also the list of writers being added are a little expected too (and with only one woman in the top ten—Jill Lepore!). You can help! This is the one time we actually agree with the usually fascist advice that if you see something, say something. [...]


Be Prepared! Make Your New Year's Resolution Now

Every year I screw this up bad. (Except the year that I resolved to "be less nice," in emulation of a friend who successfully went with that one the year prior. That WORKS.) So I started brainstorming about my New Year's resolution last week, and I finally came up with a winner. I hereby resolve: to record an album's worth of cover versions of the very fine work of one of the world's best bands, if not the world's very best band, Slow Children. This resolution has it all: personal satisfaction, a chance to gain some new technical skills and also the benefit of not being exactly what everyone [...]