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"Internet PR is about as useful to making a living as a ‘Boycott Israel’ twibbon is to a West Bank school under mortar fire"

"What Prince has figured out is that the proportion of effort/return on pushing the internet user to actually BUY music is not worth the resources it takes to do so. When 80 – 90% of your PR effort disappears into non-revenue online areas (piracy, Spotify), the PR needs to be 8-9 times as ubiquitous as in the pre-internet era to make the same gains. He's done the sums, and has figured out that even if he only stands to make a penny profit on each CD that goes out on the cover of various European newspapers, that it's worth more to him than a hundred million people retweeting a video [...]


Crickets, Prince Explained By Science

"If you're a small male you really have to sing your heart out it seems. Whereas if you're the strong silent type, you'll do all right." -Dr. Tom Tregenza, a professor of evolutionary ecology at the University of Exeter who, with colleagues, studied over 250,000 hours of video of hundreds of marked crickets taken with 64 cameras covering an 8,000-square-foot meadow in Northern Spain. Over two generations of crickets, the study showed that smaller, subordinate males mated with twice as many females as larger, dominant males, while both groups produced the same number of offspring. The scientists also found that the more a smaller, subordinate male sang, the more [...]


Prince: Always Funky

The sound quality is not great, but it's awesome to watch this footage of His Royal Badness strutting around a 1984 rehearsal session, sliding across the floor, doing splits, leading the Revolution through the stage routine steps. Of course, well…


Public Apology: Dear G-d

Dear God:

I'm sorry for not believing in you.


"Look, Internet — I've Set Myself On Fire": On Liz Phair's "Funstyle"

Over the weekend, Liz Phair had a surprise: 11 new tracks, collected under the title Funstyle, available for purchase at her official site. This release was surprising for reasons that went far beyond its semi-stealth timing! Seth Colter Walls and I decided to figure out "the deal."

Maura: OK, I am ready!

Seth: Well if you "are ready" to talk about this then you are ahead of 99% of the people who have listened to this record from Liz Phair, called Funstyle.

Maura: Hahahaha.

Seth: Maura — why did this happen?

Maura: I think I might be one of the few people who doesn't see Funstyle as a total [...]


Joni Mitchell, Hero, Destroys Bob Dylan

"Bob is not authentic at all. He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I." - Bob? Yes, BOB DYLAN. This whole interview IS INSANE and wonderful. Joni Mitchell also says: "When Prince later became a star, he told me, 'You used to be shocking, but I can cut you now!'"


Very Recent History: When Prince Missed "We Are The World"

Apparently a bunch of musicians have re-recorded "We Are The World" to benefit Haiti? I had a ton of thoughts about this last night, particularly about the original recording of "We Are The World," and how its lyrics seem so the product of a very different era in which we were supremely confident in our strength as a nation, probably because we didn't realize that we were completely eradicating our manufacturing base and putting ourselves on the remarkably destructive course which has brought us to where we are today. (A related thought: Doesn't the phrase "the war against the middle class" contain within itself the false suggestion that there [...]


Prince's '20Ten': "Here Come the Purple Yoda!"

So Prince is releasing a new CD, 20Ten, inside the pages of the July 22 issue of Rolling Stone … in Germany only. According to your McChrystal-dooming domestic RS website, the album will also be a cover-mount bonus in England's Daily Mirror, Scotland's Daily Record and Belgium's Het Nieuwsblad. (Yes. Prince is playing some dates in Europe this summer.) Forget the fact that the last few Prince self-leaks have been pretty bad–a new disc from the dude is always cause for internet fun. But guess what–the best review of the forthcoming record has already been written.


This is Prince Listening to Erykah Badu's "New Amerykah Part Two" on Tuesday


Area Vikings Fan Writes Ditty For Team

Here's "Purple and Gold," the new song written by Prince in honor of the Minnesota Vikings, who play the New Orleans Saints this weekend to see who represents the NFC in the Super Bowl. As a Saints fan, all I will say is that I hope the effort Prince put into this song is somehow a metaphor for the effort the Vikings put into the game on Sunday. [Via]