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"Showgirls" Is A Good Movie

Maybe you're sick of discussing awful male directors. Or maybe you think there are male directors who are awful, but still need a defense based on the strength of their work, or even that they are misunderstood geniuses and not awful at all. You've seen the films and yes, you recognize the misogyny, the excessive violence, the homophobia, but you can recognize that without throwing away the gorgeous cinematography, the artful cadence of the dialogue, the contributions he's made to the field of filmmaking. And so to heck with society's puritanical standards of good taste, you're just going to keep watching those Woody Allen movies and you don't care who [...]


A Note: We Will No Longer Publish Things With Women Doing "Thinking"

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Women don't debate big abstract questions, says the @Awl. They know how dumb ass that is. Or something like that, I dunno. Jul 12 23:05:28 via BlorkJay Rosen jayrosen_nyu

Ha, this morning on my way to coffee, I was thinking about writing something about how I was a little incoherent yesterday on the topic of journalism professionals Jay Rosen and Nicholas Carr debating 'Is the Internet Good For Journalism.' Because I was! My underlying criticism being: 1. Jesus, barn doors, horses, fires, etc., [...]


Kanye West And His "Thirty White Bitches"

"Yeezus," the new and almost pathologically anticipated Kanye West album, was leaked online two weeks ago and then, probably out of custom, released legally last week. Upon first listen it reminded me of Nine Inch Nails, Death Grips, and my dad—but not because West now has a two-week-old child with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

When my father was in undergrad at a small HBCU in the Midwest, he joined the storied black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. Fraternity chapters, despite their ethnic and regional differences, will nevertheless always share some DNA, and so it shouldn't surprise you that my dad's frat was big on giving people nicknames. Some brothers were called things [...]


You Too Can Own Power Dot Com

No one startup should have all that (But you could! "confidential. sealed. bid. auction. ends. august. 17. 2011.," as the website puts it.)


The Power List: New York City's 26 Most Powerful Powers Ranked In Order Of Power

26. ThirdPower Fitness 25. Wizard Painting And Power Washing 24. Flower Power Herbs & Roots Inc 23. Power Pilates 22. Power Image 21. American Power Technologies 20. Power Print Management LTD


Who Runs New York? 'New York' Mag is the New 'New York Observer'

The "Who Runs New York?" edition of New York magazine is surprisingly free-floating and pleasantly daft, stepping as it does right into the intellectual space ceded by the New York Observer. (Don't believe me? The inclusion of the phrase "moguls and machers, pooh-bahs and potentates" in New York's introduction is a dead giveaway.) And so who does run New York? The Brooklyn pullout goes for Cobble Hill heroes Jonathan Ames, writer and troublemaker, and Rebecca Collerton, proprietor of New York City's best sandwich shop, Saltie. The photo of City Hall's open plan office is fantastic. The mini-profile of Gawker Media blog honcho Nick Denton [...]