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Privilege Supreme

"David Albouy, an economics professor at the University of Illinois, has created a metric, the sacrifice measure, which essentially charts how poor a person is willing to be in order to live in a particular city. Portland, he discovered, is near the top of the list."


The World's Most Terrible Alarm Clock And Other Intentionally Uncomfortable And Hilarious Objects

When Lydia Cambron was tasked with interpreting the word ‘ruffle’ for a group show at Portland’s White Box Gallery this summer, she started thinking about daily disruptions. Outside of the tech world, disruptions usually have negative connotations—a flat tire, a stain on a white shirt, a smashed iPhone case. But Cambron, a Portland-based industrial designer, prefers to think of these disruptive ruffles as beneficial. She believes that being aggravated, pained even, can force us to address our more deep-seated anxieties and insecurities. Once you can wrap your head around accepting, and even appreciating, discomfort, imagine three products that facilitate it. That’s the idea behind Twice Daily, Cambron’s three-pronged [...]


Public Apology: Dear Stephen Malkmus

Dear Stephen Malkmus,

Sorry if I came off like a stalker when I told you that I'd sort of named my child after one of your songs.


The Legend of the Legend of Bunko Kelly, the Kidnapping King of Portland

In the late eighteen hundreds, the port cities of the American West were dangerous nests of sailors, prostitutes, and gangsters—none more so than Portland, Oregon. The most infamous relic of those bad old days are not the wooly beards of its male population, but the Portland Underground, the city’s network of so-called "shanghai tunnels," which tourists today are often told were used to spirit unsuspecting men, perhaps lured by a half-naked prostitute to an establishment where they were drugged and kidnapped, toward their final destination: pressed into service on a ship.

These kidnappers were known as crimps, and the "king of the crimps," according to folk legend, [...]


Most Portlandey Thing Ever Happens in Portland

"While many Portlanders still pluck aging birds for the broiler, others seek a blissful, pastoral end for them. Because most chickens lay the majority of eggs early in life, and can live about 10 years, the quest for a place where chickens can live out their sunset years has brought a boom at least two farm animal sanctuaries." —PORTLAND!


Portland, Oregon: Where Kombucha-Scented Money Dreams Come True

Move to Portland, Oregon for your business, suggests Fast Company! "In 2004, Jive Software, which makes social marketing tools, decided to move from pricier New York City to this laid back west coast city. Five years later, it posted annual revenue of $30 million." Finally, an answer to that vexing middle step in the business plan. 1. Start Neato Company. 2. ??? Move to Portland. 3. PROFIT.


Portland Teen Makes Water Artisanal

"Portland, Oregon is flushing 38 million gallons (143 million liters) of drinking water down the drain because a 19-year-old man urinated in an open reservoir early on Wednesday morning, city water officials said." —There's a much-repeated maxim in the blogging business that, "[W]hen you get to the point where all the 'people in Portland urinating into reservoirs' stories start to blend together, it is time to retire," so while it has been a pleasure spending this time with you I must take my leave, because I have an appointment [...]


Man Takes Expensive Leak

"It’s really an unfortunate incident that probably could have been avoided if he had just chosen a bush," says Portland, OR, police spokeman Pete Simpson. He is referring to 21-year-old Joshua Seater's decision to urinate into a local reservoir. "By daylight, the Water Bureau decided to drain eight-million gallons of water to the tune of $32,700 tax payer dollars." (The reservoir supplies residents with drinking water.) It is unclear what punishment, if any, Seater will face, but I'm pretty sure no one will ever pee in this reservoir again. No way. People are gonna do things that are MUCH WORSE.