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Critic Notices Academy Awards Ignore "Excellent Movies" That Are Fun To Watch

"But Skyfall does not fit into the Oscars' strangely limited and calcified definition of excellence. Neither does The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers or The Hunger Games, although all are excellent movies, well-cast and acted from fine scripts made better by good direction. Alas, they were also fun, and fun no longer fits the list of qualifiers for Oscar quality after all the Usual Suspects (grim, inspirational, historical), have been named." —Which of your favorite well-made, enjoyable movies from 2012 were ignored by the Academy Awards? And don't say Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because that's what everybody says.


Just How Fashionably Detached Do You Need To Be?

This has happened too many times: you pretend not to know anything about some item of zeitgeisty detritus that you, in fact, know plenty about. Whatever subject your friends or coworkers are discussing-Ke$ha, Shia, Padma-it's just too pedestrian, too downmarket, too… well, it's actually not you! So, even though you've somehow managed to absorb numerous nuggets of information about whatever the silly pop thing is, you feign ignorance. Unfortunately, a true lack of awareness is difficult to fake, and everyone probably guessed you were bluffing anyway.


Why Can't Dudes Have Sex in the Popular Movies?

If you fly a lot, you'll either be caught up on your fine literature reading or more likely on the comedies that are available in the iTunes store, home of DRM and overpriced rentals. (Also home to movies that are difficult to watch on planes, because suddenly there's boobies on your bright portable device and you're like "Oh my God, there's an eight-year-old about 20 inches behind me.") After the comedies that launched a thousand post-"Are Women Funny" magazine pieces, then in the iterated form of "Are Women Box Office" magazine pieces—those would be about Bridesmaids and then about Anna Faris, because of course we're all so very concerned about [...]


The End of the 00s: The Decade In "Netflix Instant Watch," by Alex Pareene

These are all of the things I have watched on the Netflix Instant Watch in this decade, in chronological order.


We Don't Need A Lame Jewish Equivalent To Every Popular Thing

We Jews are an enterprising people. Tell us we have to be moneylenders because the Bible forbids Christians from the practice, and we'll make a ton of money at it. Tell us we aren't allowed to keep our last names and we'll make up pretty new ones like Rosenberg and Goldfarb. And if something in pop culture becomes a big phenomenon, you can guarantee we'll find a way to make it our own. Sometimes, it's easy: we get dibs on "Sex and the City" because SJP is one of the tribe. But if there's not a Jewish angle on the next big thing, we'll make our own kosher version [...]


A Hypothesis Concerning The Awesomeness Of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's appeal explained: "[Y]ou know that the idea of a vinaigrette that is not completely emulsified just kills her. The fact that she cannot stop talking about it and probably does so simply because she can (it's her own damn show, after all) is what makes her so awesome."