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Farewell To Our Beloved Nazi Pope

For the first time since the Middle Ages, the bishop of Rome is quitting rather than let God decide when it's time for a new pope. Let's celebrate the remarkable career of Joseph Benedict, a lowly Nazi who somehow ended up presiding over the Catholic Church's global sex-abuse coverup and its 21st century jihad against gay people.

The Pope's leadership of 1.2 billion Catholics has been beset by child sexual abuse crises that tarnished the Church, one address in which he upset Muslims and a scandal over the leaking of his private papers by his personal butler.

The last time a pope punked out, it was in [...]


Quit Your Job Today

717 years ago, Pietro Angelerio, an Italian professional type who had been forced into a promotion to an office he had never desired, decided to quit his job and return to the more sedate climate of his previous position. In honor of Pope Celestine V's resignation we are declaring today Quit Your Job day, although it should be noted that Angelerio had hoped to resume his monastic life as an ascetic pentitent but was in fact taken prisoner by his successor and very probably killed on that same man's orders. So you're going to want to tread carefully with that resignation notice. In any event, go! Do! Quit! [...]