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Pool-Peeing Bad: Science

"Analysis of swimming pool water samples, combined with the results of experiments involving chlorination of uric acid, and chlorination of body fluid analog mixtures, indicated that uric acid chlorination may account for a large fraction of CNCl formation in swimming pools. Moreover, given that uric acid introduction to pools is attributable to urination, a voluntary action for most swimmers, these findings indicate important benefits to pool water and air chemistry that could result from improved hygiene habits on the part of swimmers," says Science, but we should note that this study was partially funded by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, [...]


Pool-Peers Attracted To Pool-Peeing For Its Simplicity, Inconspicuousness

"While it did not exhaustively look into the reasons behind why people think they can urinate in a public pool, the survey suggests that it is easy and anonymous." —Also, "Human Slurry" would be a good name for a band.