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Ask Polly: Should I Have This Baby?

Dear Polly,

I feel like at this point I really need the perspective of someone not at all attached to my situation, who has a 'no bullshit' attitude that I'm desperately in need of right now. I'm having a really hard time making an incredibly serious decision. I will try to make this as short as possible.

I broke off a long term (6+ year) relationship about 18 months ago. Shortly thereafter I began dating a guy I knew through mutual friends and a intramural sporting group. We started out just as friends; texting, happy hour, group hangouts, etc. But the texts eventually took a flirty turn and I asked [...]


NYC High Schools Not Just For Sexting

This is a super-intense article about Plan B in New York City schools, and fascinating: A 17-year-old from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, called the school nurse at Lincoln “my new grandma.” She said she had taken Plan B “less than five times” this year. She did not give her parents the opt-out form. She said she had become pregnant twice, after her mother had taken her birth control away. “She’s the reason I got pregnant,” the girl said.

And here's a really awesome public health quote, when you consider the essence of providing public health services is meeting people where they are: “Most teens go to school,” Deborah Kaplan, [...]


This Is How the Gossip Blogs Always Let Us Down

Celebrity gossip-monger TMZ deserves a lot of credit for things like straight-up owning the Heather Locklear story (such as it is: it's a wee bit ginned up, the old "actress won't go to rehab, says 'family'" tabloid line). But sometimes they fall down on the job. Take this morning's… news: "Muscle god Chris Hemsworth celebrated the news that his gorgeous wife Elsa Pataky is pregnant with their first child just like anybody else would … by diving down an inflatable slide off a helicopter-carrying luxury yacht with Matt Damon in St. Barts on Wednesday." Well, there's near identical coverage: Popsugar, Just Jared, The Mirror, [...]