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New Horror Virus Kills Two As Infections Double

If you're wondering whether any new SARS-like virus killed people in the Middle East over the long American holiday weekend, the answer is yes. The coronavirus, only discovered by researchers in September, is the confirmed cause of death for victims in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while another case is being treated in Britain. The number of known cases doubled on Friday, so be careful out there, when you're breathing.


Pneumonic Plague Ready For A Comeback?

Today in things that might kill you: "Thousands of people have been placed under quarantine in a town in northwest China after a man died of pneumonic plague and 11 others were confirmed infected with the deadly lung infection, health authorities said." Pneumonic plague, the story continues, can kill its victims "within 24 hours of infection."


The Cats Have Finally Decided To Take Us All Out

"Black plague, it would seem, is alive and well in Oregon. According to CBS News, authorities believe that a man contracted the infamously deadly plague from a stray cat while attempting to dislodge a mouse from its mouth. During the exchange, the cat decided to take a chunk out of the poor guy, effectively transferring the disease to his blood stream. The altercation between man and beast took place on June 2nd, after which the man experienced a severe fever. By June 8th, he was very sick, prompting a visit to a nearby hospital."


In New York, Summer Officially Begins

Perhaps jealous of all the attention received by the swine and their flu, New York mosquitoes have declared the annual summer performance of West Nile virus "open for business!"


Pneumonic Plague Outbreak To Go Wide?

The death toll in the northwestern China town experiencing an outbreak of pneumonic plague now stands at three. Even more ominously: Residents are reporting that villagers are trying to flee.