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Royal Baby Photoshop Shocker

Prince George, the royal baby, is on the cover of Us Weekly—but, in accordance with their traditions, the magazine has altered the baby's appearance to make it more palatable to supermarket-going young women. Here's their altered version of a photograph of the spawn of Kate and whichever of "Prince Charles' sons" is in line to the thieving British crown.

And here's the original image, before the Photoshop crew got to it.


Bat Boy: Your New Arbiter Of Journalistic Ethics

"When a magazine has to go to such great lengths to explain their cover or explain their ideas, then perhaps their message wasn't as clear or powerful as they thought it would be. Whether it's one of their readers or a casual browser, the cover seems to paint a picture of Obama being a lonely man. In addition, the fact that The Economist they didn't consult Reuters before using the photo seems to be the first red flag that their cover wasn't going to work." —The Weekly World News upbraids The Economist for improper use of Photoshop on the cover of its June 19 issue. Because this is where [...]


California, a State of Debt


Miranda Kerr Cares Enough To Carry You Through The Hard Times And The Dark Nights

The Miranda Kerr Waistline Fiasco—in which the Victoria’s Secret model instagramed a photo misrepresentative of her body’s true dimensions—shouldn’t have inspired yet another meditation about the prevarications of Photoshop. We all know about Photoshop—how it's used and what it’s capable of. We’ve all got Photoshop’s number. What The Miranda Kerr Waistline Fiasco should, and with any luck will, turn out to be is a watershed event about our culture’s new and exciting interpretation of the word “support.”

To recap: last week, Victoria’s Secret had a fashion show. Unable to participate, Kerr stealthily instagrammed a photo of herself from last year’s show and included the caption: 'Sending love and best wishes [...]


Oh God. It's the Rise of the Photoshop Machines!

Nerds everywhere are losing their minds over the sneak peek of the Photoshop "Content-Aware Fill" and SO AM I. Basically all the comments on the demo video are like "WHA?" and "OH NOW I'M OUT OF A JOB THANKS." Just think what this new technology will do to magazine cover models!


Primate in Chief: A Guide to Racist Obama Monkey Photoshops

People are outraged—outraged!—that a senior GOP official from Orange County, CA sent an email about Barack Obama that questioned his place of birth. But we've all become so numb to the "birther" conspiracies that the outrage wasn't at all about the absurdity of a party official confronting the president of the United States about some conspiracy theory. The outrage was about an attached photo, depicting Obama as an ape.

Anyone who has been on the real Internet knows that the Obama-as-ape Photoshop actually predates the mainstream talk about his birth certificate. How prevalent is it? Very. Here's a collection of artwork depicting the nation's first-ever African American [...]


Real America, with Abe Sauer: Obama's First Year in Pictures–Horrible, Horrible Pictures

Exactly one year ago today, Barack Hussein Obama stood in Washington, D.C and recited the oath of office. Ten minutes later, men and women across America immediately started ordering CD-ROM copies of Learn Adobe® Photoshop® with Video Professor. What follows is another installment of The Awl's ongoing coverage of noteworthy Barack Obama Photoshop. This edition: the worst, most inexplicable Obama political art from the last 12 months. The gallery is quite Not Safe For Work, Reasonable Political Discourse.