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What's Really Pornographic? The Point of Documenting Detroit

Early this year, John Patrick Leary, a professor of American literature at Wayne State University, published a story in Guernica called "Detroitism" about, primarily, the two competing journalistic and artistic narratives about the Motor City.

There’s the Detroit Lament, which he describes as an examination of the city’s decline that is mostly told through the examination of physical spaces. You may have heard it referred to as "ruin porn." And there’s the Detroit Utopia, stories which purport to show a new way forward for the city, be it through urban farming, $100 homes or bicycling. (Utopian depictions of Detroit, Leary noted, tend to involve young creative white people.)

Leary [...]


The Day Jesh de Rox Met the Internet

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just named my new macbookpro 'Innovator',,, i've got a feeling she & i are going to be making some magic over this next year,,,Tue Mar 15 00:00:06 via webjesh de roxJeshdeRox

In case you missed it, "spiritual explorer, experiential photographer" Jesh de Rox—also a "multi-award-winning Canadian wedding photographer"—blew up the normally quiet photo world online, merely by offering a one-day, one-on-one session of tutelage. For $20,000. Discounted to $16,500! The fall-out is fun. More fun: his website is my nominee for the most astounding flash website of all [...]


Your Beautiful Pictures Are Stupid: Against Trendy Digital Photography

"I hope the ghost of Walker Evans punches me in the face," wrote producer Eric Spiegelman last night. He likes to take pictures with his iPhone and then quickly tweak them, as the people do today, with the filters and the apps. He has his own process: "I adjust some levels in Photogene, crop the image, run it through one of a handful of CameraBag or Lo-Mob filters, then use TiltShiftGen not to make a tilt-shift image but because a little bit of blur goes a long way, and because TiltShiftGen has a killer vignetting tool. But this is a farce. It's like saying I'm a cook because [...]


World's Stupidest Trial Is Next Week!

You know what's not getting enough attention? The insanely messed-up case of Jonas Lara, a former Marine and actually very good photographer who goes before a jury on May 11 on charges of… photographing people doing graffiti. While documenting the work-he really is an actual professional photographer!-the taggers were arrested, and he was accused of aiding and abetting. (His earlier charge of felony vandalism was thrown out.) If you would like to read commentary from the stupidest people imaginable, read the comments on the Photo District News story all about how photographing a crime actually is a crime. YES AND THAT'S WHY EDDIE ADAMS [...]


Inaccessible Vistas More Accessible Via Internet

It's so good that different people are equipped to do different things. If I was to try to assemble my own motorized paraglider and fly over the Sahara Desert taking pictures, I would die probably ten minutes into the assembly part. Luckily, there's folks like National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz in the world, so I can do what I do best: sit at my computer. Breathtaking photography is here.


The Luckiest Couple on the Lower East Side

This photograph was taken back in early June. DO YOU THINK THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER? Do you think she still smokes? Do you think he later took a Gotham Writers' Workshop class? Do you think they'll let me be their houseboy? WHERE ARE THEY RIGHT NOW? I'm guessing either at work or maybe just now leaving for the weekend with their respective spouses.

Photo by Kevin Dooley


I Want To Buy Picasso's "La Lecture"

If I had $29 million, I would fly to London and go to next week's Sotheby's auction and buy Picasso's "La Lecture," the 1932 painting that first depicted the face of his young muse Marie-Therese Walter, and take it home and hang it on the wall and just stare at it and stare at it until it struck me that I could make something so beautiful, too, and I would. And if I was in London already, I would go to the place and just snap a quick pic with my cellphone and do it that way.


I Was Briefly the Face of an Unemployed Generation

Three months ago, I posed for my college graduation photo—the official one in front of an American flag, diploma in hand, ready to face the world. Since then the photography company has emailed me almost weekly, offering discount upon discount and before-it's-too-lates. But when the picture was taken, just seconds after I had crossed the stage and shaken hands, I was too delirious to smile, so instead I bit my lower lip. I mean I almost swallowed it. I don't know how it happened. Normally, I have no trouble smiling. But I remember at that moment that the muscles would not contract into a casual, triumphant smile, that my [...]


Jeff Koons Unnecessarily Shoots Rabbits for "They Gay?" 'NYT' Mag Cover

For this coming Sunday's New York Times magazine, Jeff Koons has apparently provided photographs of two bunnies. Just two days ago, the Times reported on the decline in work and income for professional photographers. After claiming that amateurs and their low pricing were hurting professional photographers, a claim that is total baloney-newspapers and magazines changed their rates and the amount of work they commissioned, is actually what happened!-the Times started to make sense: "Professionals are also being hurt because magazines and newspapers are cutting pages or shutting altogether…. And while magazines once sniffed at stock photographs, which are existing images, not original assignments, shrinking editorial budgets made them reconsider." [...]


Our Legendary Fake History

Are you following this Errol Morris investigation into the photography of Walker Evans and pals? A new installment, part 3 of 7, went up last night and it is BONKERS. Basically it is about alterations-suspected or proven or even wildly obvious, in retrospect-in 1930s documentary work of the FSA photographers (Evans, Dorothea Lange, et al). Essentially, much of what we view now as documentary-and what we see in our minds as the visuals of recent American history-was actually pretty close to propaganda.


These Are Just Some Amazing Pictures Of The Milky Way

Um, this is pretty cool: "This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide. Spain´s highest mountain @(3715m) is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories. The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide." (Learn more here, and see an interview with photographer Terje Sorgjerd here.


The Rally to Restore Sanity in Pictures: Arianna's Bus to Magicland

Did you have things to do this weekend? Such as go to work, or perhaps rally to help get out the vote in tomorrow's election, for instance? If you didn't make it down to D.C. for the non-political political comedian rally, our photographer Stephen Kosloff shows you what you missed—including Arianna Huffington learning for presumably the first time about transportation by bus. In the immortal words of the Huff herself, let the [PICTURES!] [SLIDESHOW!] begin!


Legendary Gay 77-Year-Old Photographer Tells All

"It seems like folks these days would rather look at a bloody car accident or a nauseating crime scene than a glorious sunset or a pretty English garden. Shock value used to be what the talentless with low budgets resorted to, like in terrible William Castle movies or those tabloids in grocery stores. You know ‘Oh darling what a lovely evening gown! It just cries out to be photographed on a homeless man buried under garbage in a yucky dumpster.' But I'm not sure I understand anything about fashion anymore. You know, the piss stains in your Levi's crotch, or how many rips, and how worn and faded, are [...]


Jim Marshall, 1936-2010

You've seen a lot of photos that Jim Marshall took. Johnny Cash, flipping the bird on his way off stage at San Quentin Prison, Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at the Monterey Jazz and Pop Festival, The Allman Brothers sitting on their equipment outside the Fillmore East. He is generally regarded as rock n' roll's greatest photographer and his work graced the covers of more than 500 albums. "Jim's pictures of the music makers are extraordinary for many reasons," wrote his friend, the actor Michael Douglas, in the forward to Marshall's 1997 book, Not Fade Away. "As a human being and as an artist, [...]


Why Would Anyone Buy Annie Leibovitz Now?

I've been on record with my dislike for most of Annie Leibovitz's work, but even I figured it was a good value in the photography market. Her auction record is something like $57,000; today, you can actually buy prints for like $8 grand. But what are you getting? When she got into deep financial trouble, her arrangement with Philips resulted in a "Master Set" of 150 photographs, in an edition of 7; three of the set are broken up for solo sale. So, right: oh, look, a brand new edition! There's World Cup soccer photos in monster editions of 50; photographs, in an edition of 40, and sized [...]