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Man Exposes Himself

"In the olden days, nobody even locked their front doors, not in the neighborhood I grew up in. And the choice is either live behind the locked door or don’t. And for me freedom is choosing not to live behind the locked door." —This from a man who posted his usernames and passwords into the Washington Post comment section, asking readers to break into his accounts and do as they please. Nobody bothered to do much at all, which is terrifying in its own right.


Public Apology: Dear T.

Dear T.,

Sorry for telling you what I was thinking about when you asked me what I was thinking about.


Philosophy Defined

"For those who believe that philosophy is, by and large, little more than stating the obvious with extra jazz hands, De Botton's porn manifesto will not persuade them otherwise."


Essayist/Philosopher/DJ Unpleasant

Ya know, I completely agree about the incompatibility of total liberty for the gifted and powerful with the rights to a decent existence of the weak and the less gifted, and I can appreciate the differentiation between specialization compared to a broad worldview as underpinnings of expertise, but honestly? Isaiah Berlin sounds like kind of a dick.


France is an Incredibly Foreign Country

We talk quite a lot of smack about France here, because we can. But one of the underlying points is that, in our terrible American high school educations, we're taught that there are countries "like" ours (France, England, Italy and maybe now Germany), countries that are less-good versions of ours (Mexico, Canada, Australia), countries that are disasters (Russia, India) and countries that are weird and scary (Japan, Honduras, Philippines, "Africa"). And this isn't true at all, and in the actual practice, France is as "alien" in terms of operational ideas as, well… Senegal and Algeria. (Heh.) The usual history lesson here goes something like "de Tocqueville blah [...]


Extremely Talented People Sometimes Recap 'American Idol'

Jacob Clifton, of Austin, Texas, labors in the heart of the T.V. recapping industry. He handles "American Idol" duties. This week, in astounding fashion, he dealt with the issue of current American pop idol sexlessness and Christ-loving.