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There's No Stopping The Phil Collins Revival

Roughly six years ago some schmuck on the Internet asked if it wasn't time to give Phil Collins his cool card. "The horror that was 'Another Day in Paradise," he noted, had long since faded from memory. Yes, he admitted, there was "a ton of treacly bullshit in the catalogue," but insisted that many of the songs actually merited "classic" status. (“Easy Lover,” “Take Me Home” and “Billy Don’t Lose My Number” were three of the examples he cited, singling out that last one as one of the greatest videos ever. "Collins actually had a shockingly high batting average when it came to videos," averred this self-appointed expert.) Shouldn't [...]


Jogging With The New F***ed Up Album

I was jogging by the East River this morning, listening to David Comes to Life, the new album by the Toronto rock band called Fucked Up, marveling at how awesome it is, how the drumming is like a stampede of wild horses, and how well the band's guitarists (there are three of them, like Molly Hatchet) hone and manipulate these giant waves of feedback and distortion, thinking that the sound reminds me more of Husker Du than anything I've heard since Husker Du, and that, if these guys had come out when I was in college, I would have probably wanted to tattoo some sort of sworn allegiance to [...]