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Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams, "Aerosol Can"

Now THAT is how you do a lyric video. [Via]


Six Alternates For Time's "Person Of The Year," Five Good Rap Videos, And One Great Heavy Metal Video

People that would definitely not be named "Person of the Year" by Philadelphia rappers Black Deniro and Freeway: 1) The "Twitter Thug" 2) The "Fake Baller" 3) The "Bougie Chick" 4) The "Phone Gangster" 5) The "Goon Rat" 6) The "Sneaky Groupie"


Future, "Move That Dope" Ft. Pharrell Williams and Pusha T

"This is my shit," notes NahRight's Eskay, and after a considered evaluation I find it difficult to disagree.


Pharrell Compares Frank Ocean To Terrible Folk Singer

"To me, he's like the black James Taylor." —Pharrell Williams insults rising R&B star Frank Ocean, while trying to praise him.


Pharrell Williams Is 40

Probably one of the four of five most prominent hip-hop producers of all time, Pharrell Williams turns 40 today. The new Myspace is celebrating with a nice collection of 41 of his greatest hits to listen to. (One to grow on, I guess.) But right here, please enjoy his latest, with the very-blue-eyed soul singer Robin Thicke (the one who's dad was on "Growing Pains") and T.I. It's a perfect little remake of the gorgeously slinky beat he made for Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)" thirteen years ago. The video borrows style from 1980's Robert Palmer videos, and there's [...]


Pharrell Starts Pure, Ends Up With Something Much Worse, For Smirnoff Vodka

The new commercial for Smirnoff Vodka wherein Pharrell Williams explains how he makes music would be better if the beat he came up with sounded less like the worst rap song ever recorded. Maybe he's saving the good stuff for a different commercial?