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Pet Shop Boys, "Winner"

With less than a month to go before the Knifecrime Island Olympics, Pet Shop Boys have released their new single, "Winner." I am very glad that this video includes lyrics, because I was incredibly puzzled by the line that seemed to sound like "Win or lose/I hate my Jews" and was glad to have visual confirmation that I misheard it.


Pet Shop Boys Nix Name Change

"The Pet Shop Boys have refused to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys to aid an animal rights group campaign aimed at discouraging people buying cats and dogs from pet stores." As you will no doubt be shocked to learn, the request comes from the attention-hungry folks at PETA. My favorite part of the article is the bit where "PETA Special Projects Manager, Yvonne Taylor, is far from upset by the response-she's thrilled to hear the duo has taken her letter seriously."

I'd imagine when you work as a PETA Special Projects Manager you're pretty much thrilled whenever anyone takes your letter seriously.


Some Thoughts On B-Sides

"Any artist with a surplus of material would be advised to save it for the deluxe reissue or website giveaways. But, though it began as a quirk of formatting and became an often cynical marketing ploy, for more than 40 years the B-side could also be a way of thinking about music: a parallel universe of creativity." (The Pet Shop Boys B-side included in this article is totally new to me, and actually really good, make sure to give it a listen.)


Pet Shop Boys Singles, 1985-2010

46. “London” 45. "Together" 44. "Numb" 43. "Beautiful People" 42. "Integral" 41. "Did You See Me Coming?" 40. "Absolutely Fabulous" 39. "Minimal" 38. "Was It Worth It?" 37. "Home and Dry" 36. "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" 35. "Miracles" 34. "Single-bilingual" 33. "I Get Along"