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Smell Like A Man

Brut by Faberge, age 8: Knotty pine laced with sandalwood and hints of rubber as Richie mashes my face to the floor of the school bus with his sneaker. He's searching through my book bag for the offending small green Brut sampler bottle I've stolen from my dad. He finds it, holds it up triumphantly, then runs up and down the aisle spraying it on the girls. They scream. Morgan says it smells like a Christmas tree farted. Once at school, there's a mad rush for the door. I quietly gather my books and papers that have been scattered under the seats near the back of the bus. I'm [...]


Everybody Knows Banana Is For Whores

It's a candy-colored world this morning! There is a remarkable article in the Times about three new Ring Pop-inspired fragrances that are coming out under the auspices of Mariah Carey. But they are far more sophisticated than one might imagine.


11 Liz Taylor Things It Was Fun To Watch & Read While "Liz And Dick" Was On

1. Elizabeth Taylor as Helen Burns in the 1943 version of Jane Eyre.

The movie, which had Orson Wells as Mr. Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane Eyre, was made when Taylor was 11. It was filmed right before National Velvet made her famous. Just a year before, a casting director at another studio had complained, "Her eyes are too old, she doesn't have the face of a child." About this role, a biographer writes: "So tiny was her part, as one of the classmates of young Jane (Peggy Ann Garner), that she got no billing on the credits; and years later when she wanted her own [...]


Big Cats Dig Perfume

"It's a combination of this lickable vanilla heart married to this fresh green top note-it creates tension." -Jaguars, cheetahs, Siberian tigers… large felines are crazy about Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men man perfume. Ann Gottlieb, a perfumer behind the scent, suggests that these smells, and the addition of synthetic civet musk, might explain the, uh, obsession. Cat the Cat was unavailable for comment.


Pope Perfumed

"I thought of the smells the Pope would smell when praying at the Grotto of Lourdes." —Italian perfumier Silvana Casoli explains the creative process behind the new scent she has made to be worn exclusively by Pope Benedict XVI.


Your Fake Perfume Is Full Of Piss

Do not buy counterfeit perfume, because it supports terrorism! Also, it is FULL OF URINE. This video includes some helpful tips on how to tell whether or not your perfume is fake, such as "it has loose cellophane wrapping," "it is being sold off the back of a truck," and "the brand name is slightly altered, e.g. 'Ralph Lauren Yellow for Women,' 'Giorgio Armani Acqua di Vescica,' 'Micturition by Calvin Klein,' and 'Thierry Mugler Angel Piss.'"