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How Much Did You Want To Spend For Pearl Jam Tickets? Like, More Than $5000?

No really, how much did you want to spend on Pearl Jam tickets? Was it… zero dollars? Or was it perhaps… $5995 dollars for general admission in the pit at Barclays on October 18th? Perhaps it was. Let's do this thing, StubHub! Congratulations to all of us, for we made two things happen. First, we made bots that handled scalping for us. Second, we disrupted the concert ticket sale market, putting the ability to buy and sell (and scalp!) in the hands of everyone. But don't worry, if you feel like $5995 is too little to pay for Pearl Jam, there's some nice cheaper seats for you. Also Kurt [...]


Pearl Jam Songs, 1991-1996, In Order

69. “Stupid Mop” 68. “Pry, To” 67. “I’m Open” 66. “Don’t Gimme No Lip” 65. “Present Tense” 64. “Indifference” 63. “Mankind” 62. “Around the Bend” 61. “Gremmie Out of Control” 60. “Dirty Frank” 59. “Bee Girl” 58. “Bugs”


Pearl Jam, "Mind Your Manners"

Remember when Pearl Jam was all, "Screw you, The Man, we're not playing your game anymore," and stopped making videos and doing Ticketmaster tours and partying at the MTV Beach House? You can be forgiven for forgetting, since it was a couple decades ago, but anyway there is still a Pearl Jam and they still make records and they even occasionally put out a music video every now and again, this one here being the most recent example. Enjoy. [Via]


Lady Gaga, "You And I"

The attention-seeking missile Lady Gaga performed at an Elton John-sponsored benefit last Thursday, and she performed one freshly written song; "You And I," which she called a "rock and roll tune, which means it will most likely never get used as one of my singles." She is not kidding about the "rock and roll" thing — the already out there recording I was most reminded of by the track, on which Gaga lets loose a gritty, almost-Bowersoxian wail, was Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter," of all things. Too bad her stage show is probably too elaborate for her to be a last-minute tack-on to the soft-selling Lilith Fair, [...]


A Conversation With Chris Perkel, Editor of 'Pearl Jam Twenty'

It was never easy being a Pearl Jam fan. The explosion of hype and overexposure that came with Ten and Vs. fueled an instant mainstream backlash by the "cool indie kids." If you were going to listen to grunge, Nirvana was the band you were supposed to like. The experimental, less radio-friendly Vitalogy and No Code—as well as the annoying rise of Eddie Vedder sound-alikes—slashed the fan base even further. In terms of popularity then, they occupy a strange, contradictory place in music: They’ve been one of the biggest bands in the world for two decades but comparatively little is known about them. Which is why the Cameron Crowe-directed love [...]