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Paul McCartney, "Queenie Eye"

Both this song and its video are perfectly serviceable and entirely unnecessary but my question to you is, How many other indisputable musical geniuses are still around today? I mean, on the level of Paul McCartney? Stevie Wonder, sure, and probably Willie Nelson. But there aren't a lot of other people who you will be able to turn to your grandchildren when they ask you about them and say, "You know, I was alive at the same time he was. I remember seeing his videos, and I saw him live on TV a couple of times. Now be very quiet, because the killer robots are circling the ground we [...]


Paul McCartney Is 70

Sir James Paul McCartney is ageless, but he is also 70 today. "Penny Lane" has been stuck in my head for approximately 30 years or so, so thanks for that, Paul.


Bird Songs For The Apocalypse (Or, The Last Mixtape Any Of Us Will Ever Listen To)

I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that a list of rock songs with the word "bird" in the title would be a list of great songs. After all, birds fly (or, well, they used to) and rock stars like to pretend to fly by using drugs and airplanes. Anyway, with the recent planetary news, birds are on the brain. It's not hard to connect the dots (though it is very hard to do so as wonderfully as some other people do): the world needs a soundtrack to end to. And, actually, we could do worse.


A Chat With Drummer Karriem Riggins About Bending Genres To Make A Career

Few musicians move so fluidly between genres as drummer and producer Karriem Riggins. As a jazz sideman, Riggins has played with jazz artists like Diana Krall, Milt Jackson and Oscar Peterson while simultaneously contributing beats and productions to records by Common, J Dilla, the Roots, Erykah Badu and others. 2012 has been a particularly fruitful year for Riggins. It began with his appearance on Paul McCartney’s most recent record, Kisses on the Bottom, in which the former Beatle covered and channeled the prewar pop songwriters that he listened to as a child. And in October, Riggins released his first solo LP, a kaleidoscopic instrumental hip-hop album called Alone Together, on [...]


The 254-Year-Old Quartet, "Get Back"

Here are Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood, Roger Daltrey and Paul Weller—who, at a sprightly 53, totally skews the average age of the group—performing a 43-year-old song last night in London. Not bad, for old people. [Via]


A Treasury Of Pastoral Hip-Hop Videos

Check out this video from former Tribe Called Quest affiliate Consequence and former Lil Kim affiliate Maino. It's beautiful and bucolic. They're in the woods. With deer and squirrels and birds. It's very weird, right, with Maino rhyming about shooting people with a chrome .45 and hollering "Brooklyn!" in a club? But as jarring as it is, the juxtaposition of sound and vision, I like it. It's like that awesome episode of "The Sopranos."

A deer makes an appearance in the new video from Yelawolf and Gucci Mane, too.


Other Famous People Who Were (Or Planned To Be) In Other Hobbit Movies

Were there other famous people attached at one point or another to adaptations of the J.R.R. Tolkien stories? There were! In fact, several non-Peter Jackson hobbit movies have already been made. You may have even seen some of them, when you were a little child, or when you were smoking marijuana "hobbit weed" and looking at videos on the Internet this very afternoon!

If you have kids and/or once enjoyed the indoor sport of Dungeons & Dragons, then you will probably go see The Hobbit next weekend. But what if Magneto and that guy from The Office weren't in the movie, then what? Other people would [...]


Obligatory "It Won't Be Long" Circumcision Joke Goes Here

"From Me To Jew." "If I Kvell." "(The Holiday Begins) The Night Before." Okay, now it's your turn.