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Man Exposes Himself

"In the olden days, nobody even locked their front doors, not in the neighborhood I grew up in. And the choice is either live behind the locked door or don’t. And for me freedom is choosing not to live behind the locked door." —This from a man who posted his usernames and passwords into the Washington Post comment section, asking readers to break into his accounts and do as they please. Nobody bothered to do much at all, which is terrifying in its own right.


People Continue To Be Unsmart

What's YOUR password? Tell us in the comments.


Where You'll Be Forgetting Your Passwords Next

In case you haven't made the transition from freaking out over taxes to freaking out over that massive Internet insecurity thing, here is a list of places you should change your password at.


An Easy Three Step Plan for Gawker Users After the Hack

As you may have heard, if you are one of the people who have ever commented on a Gawker Media website, congratulations, whatever email address and password combination you have used is now publicly available. Of course, if you're at all security minded, you use a shitty low-level password for things like website commenting accounts. Here's our easy three step process for dealing with this security breach.

• Identify the password you use. Reportedly the "retrieve password" function is working again at those sites. If it's not? You can download the hacked source file, if you like—it's a big file, but it only takes about 15 or [...]


They're Watching You On Email, On Reddit, On The Phone, At The Mall. What Are You Going To Do?

In addition to her work on privacy at ProPublica, Julia Angwin's Dragnet Nation is available today wherever booksellers are spying on you.


McNally Jackson



An independent bookstore near you

You are being tracked. Besides comprehensive government spying, there are hundreds of data brokers compiling and selling information about you: Phone records, texts, phone location, computer location, web history, social networking use, background checks, credit history and now even entrance to some retail stores, with facial recognition linking you to your online data.

Julia Angwin, a reporter for ProPublica who was on a Pulitzer-winning team [...]