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You Are All, "Blah Blah Blah Thoughts About Thing"

Do you have thoughts about Paper? If they are anything other than "I don't know what that is," or "I wish everyone would shut the fuck up about Paper," I would like you to go outside and stand in the snow for a bit and maybe develop those thoughts a little more fully so that you can articulate them in the best possible form. We're all really interested in your ideas, and presentation is important, so just take some time out there to firm things up. No, no, just keep waiting, I'll come get you in a few moments. There will come a point where it seems like I'm actually [...]


Paper, In Order

17. Wrapping 16. Toilet 15. News 14. Towel (included only because it should be called towelpaper) 13. Fly 12. Construction 11. Rice 10. Printer


What Paper Means In Prison

A phone embedded in the short story "Lonely Heart," in what seems to be a copy of "Guys & Dolls: The Stories of Damon Runyon."

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Blue ripped up most kites and flushed the pieces, but some, especially those received in the exercise yard, he ate.

Blue, who is 20 years old, knew that even temporary possession of written notes was against the rules, but he shrugged it off as a necessary risk. One such "kite" was an invitation, which read, "Look we cookin…send some kinda meat for your bowl." It was scrawled across a scrap of notebook paper, folded seven times [...]