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Man Wears Red Pants

"Is it a blatant attempt to get the gay vote?” —Menswear designer Jeffrey Banks discusses Anthony Weiner's decision to dress in colorful trousers. What is Weiner trying to say with his red pants? "Pay attention to me?" "Look at my dick?" "My pants are not khaki?" Not being privy to the man's inner thoughts I cannot say. Perhaps he just likes the cut? As someone who has been known to wear the occasional pair of scarlet slacks himself I can tell you what I'm trying to get across when I make a sartorial choice such as this: "Gap sale." But then, as I have been repeatedly reminded by [...]


A Brief History of Pants

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Do you know who really, really cared about pants? Peter the Great, that’s who. “Peter The Who?” you ask? This specific Peter was the tsar of Russia who became the "Emperor of All Russia" in the early 1700s. His tenure was committed to the modernization of Russia, which at the time was not so modern. Of the reforms enacted was the Decree on Modern Dress, issued in 1701, providing for Russians that "the upper dress shall be of French or Saxon [...]


The Final Word on Men and Shorts

Look down. Can you see your knees? Today's a Thursday, so then you had better either be south of the 30th parallel north—Shreveport, say!—or "working at home" and totally naked.

Because if you're in the office, and you work anywhere but the International Society for the Advancement of Shorts, you should go home and change.

The question has even been asked: can a man wear shorts at all, ever, anywhere?


You know you can't get enough of my "what I'm wearing" posts.

UPDATE: It is currently 90 degrees in New York City. In deference to your collective wisdom, I am wearing pants. This had better work out.


Incoming Men's Fashion Trend Disaster: "The Single-Pleated Chino"

Here is the new thing they are trying to foist on men, as per the June/July issue of Details: "chinos" with one single pleat. Not zero pleats; not pleats on both sides of your forward-facing business. Oh no. Just one asymmetrical pleat, in an otherwise equally ill-fitting and rather awkward pair of summer pants. This is upsetting on a number of levels: capitalist, aesthetic, moral, social, sexual, emotional.

And from where do they get these uniform-faced whites who are so willing to debase themselves as single-pleat models? It's sad.

None of this is okay.

Update: OH THANK GOD, this really is a hoax… of the eyeballs at least. After [...]


When and What Do Guys Think About Pants? An Investigation

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Over the weekend I went to the Lehigh Valley Mall. It’s just outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and would rank as the most popular (and second-most swanky) of the malls in the region. It’s standard-issue, two-levels, lacking a proper food court (although it does have what they call a “lifestyle center,” which was added in 2007, and which is basically a strip-mall add-on with stores slightly more upscale than the ones inside).

Recently I have become concerned about my own wardrobe. I have been somewhere just north [...]


Ana Marie Cox Employed (Again!)

Ana Marie Cox, unemployed since the shut-down of Air America, is now the Washington Correspondent for GQ.


Germans Still Weird

"A bizarre calendar of men posing in their underpants with classic 1970s cars is proving an unlikely success in Germany."


When to Wear Pleated Pants (Mostly Never)

There are many wonderful types of pleats in human clothing. Men benefit from almost none of them. Women, they get several specific varieties of pleat, nearly all of them terrific. Cute little knife-pleat skirts that go whoosh! Dramatic dresses that bulge and shrink! Men get, what—an attractive way for shirt arms to narrow as they approach the cuff. Or a nice way to gather and "box" fabric just above the middle of your shoulder blades. Also, zzzzz.

Worse, pleats also come to harm us. The most odious affliction of mens' clothing is the reverse pleat at the front of many of your man-pants. Oh wow, you might [...]


Extra-Dumpy Pants Making a Comeback

Stuart Elliott at the NYT is hysterical. Check it, he says, "FIRST, Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. Now, Dockers will try to bring khaki back." MAHAHAHAHAHA. Isn't that great? I mean, I don't know about you but I think mashing that message into the squarest lead ever is some boss shit.

The weird thing is, Dockers are absolutely ripe for return.