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Pandora, Circa 1988-2014

My boa constrictor who I've had since '88 passed away this yr. She was over 25 yrs old. & very sweet. For a snake. RIP Pandora. I miss u.

— Slash (@Slash) January 21, 2014

I did not wake up this morning and expect to be moved by a tweet from Slash over his dead snake, and yet here we are. Live every day like it's your last, we only have so much time with each other.


Hugely Successful Pandora Sooooo Close To Making Money

I really enjoyed Sasha Frere-Jones' piece on streaming music and Pandora. Pandora has fifty million listeners, which is enormous. This may be why they have eighty sales people and a staff of 180 people (!!), and also six offices, which, uh, let me be the first to offer them a real estate consultation to minimize their overhead costs, I guess? And of course they are being financially hosed for playing by the rules of "radio"-that eats 60% of their total (not net!) revenue. So these projections for 2010 have them so close to breaking even: only losing a couple of million dollars. But isn't that disheartening, that [...]