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Conflict Apps

Red Alert: Israel is currently the second-most downloaded news app in the US, just below Yahoo. A selection of reviews from the App Store:

And one from Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC):

Why do I want the App? So that I can pray for Israel as well as understand, as a policy maker, the magnanimity of the threats and the conflict.

Can you imagine living under this constant threat?…

This speaks to the existential threat that the people in Israel live with constantly.

Red Alert's creator is Kobi Snir, an Israeli developer who worked with the people behind Yo! to build an [...]


IDF Bulldozer Officially Accidentally Runs Over Person Twice

The death of Rachel Corrie—who was bulldozed while trying to prevent a house demolition in Palestine, atop a pile of dirt and wearing an fluorescent orange vest—has been ruled an accident in court in Israel.


President Obama Used To Run Like A Duck

"While the residents regarded Mr. Obama’s mother as a 'free spirit,' Barry, who was chubby, was referred to as the 'boy who runs like a duck…'" —Comforting to learn, during his visit to Indonesia, as he rebukes the Israeli government for announcing plans to build 1,000 new housing units in Palestinian East Jerusalem, that the President of the United States used to be like one of my best friends from growing up, Matt McCabe, who everyone in our cub scout troop called "Waddles." The Times story about Obama's childhood years in Jakarta is full of good stuff.


Elsewhere: Understanding Gaza

On the off chance that reading up on the Afghanistan situation wasn't rough enough going for you, Lawrence Wright's Letter from Gaza, "Captives," in this week's New Yorker, is also very long and thoroughly a bummer, as well as excellent and even-handed and important. Short version: Hamas political victory. Kidnapped Israeli soldier. Last December's "Operation: Cast Lead," AKA the Gaza War. And: "There is very little for children to do in Gaza. The Israeli blockade includes a ban on toys, so the only playthings available have been smuggled, at a premium, through tunnels from Egypt. Islamists have shut down all the movie theatres. Music is rare, except at [...]


College Activist Stunt Ushers In Dialogue On Serious Issue

"Jewish students living in an NYU dorm woke up Thursday to find threatening 'eviction' notices left by pro-Palestinian activists, officials said. The notices – stealthily delivered in the dead of night by members of NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine – warned students at the Palladium Hall residence that their suites were scheduled for demolition." [...]


Everything Joe Walsh Has Done in Congress This Year

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My office was invaded by the Occupy Protesters today & all I saw were $1000 laptops & vomit on the carpet. Thank God for #febrezeWed Dec 07 03:49:02 via TweetDeckRep. Joe WalshRepJoeWalsh

I'll just leave this here. Oh, okay, how about a review of Joe Walsh's work activity this year, his first in Congress? Well, it's pretty amazing actually.


The West Bank In Brooklyn

It was an event in which egotistical agitators provoked the fragile, isolated state of Israel. Or it was a case of baldly shameless Israeli commandos attacking ambassadors of humanity. Or a little of both. Or, maybe, neither. It all depends on where you stand. The attempt of the Mavi Marmara ship to pass through the Gaza blockade ballooned an already intractable conflict, one that has been waging for years and years.

And for a couple hours last Thursday evening, motivated New Yorkers stood firmly on the sidewalks of Atlantic Avenue, entrenched on their respective sides.


Dear Pamela Geller, If Someone Rips Down Or Otherwise Defaces The Disgusting Racist Advertisements You Have Won The Legal Right To Display In New York Subway Stations, I Will Not Know Anything About How That Might Have Happened

We've never met. My name's Dave. I don't know much about you personally, but from what I have read about you, and from watching you talk on TV about the proposal two years ago to build a mosque five blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood, your public persona is one that makes me ashamed to be American and Jewish and a human being alive in the 21st century who has the letters "a" and "r" in his name. Because those two letters are also in your name.

You and the organization you lead, the American Freedom Defense Organization, recently won a law suit forcing [...]


MJ Rosenberg Must Have A Difficult Time At Passover Seder Every Year

"As for Americans, we learn, as if we didn't know, that due to the pressure of AIPAC, we simply lie about the whole conflict. We pretend that the Palestinians still need to make concessions for peace when there are none left to make. No matter what the provocation – the brutal attack on the Gaza flotilla, the blockading of Gaza, Israel's lies about the Goldstone Report, the land grabs in Jerusalem, the shootings of innocent Palestinians, the monstrous behaviour of settlers – we are silent unless we can enthusiastically endorse Israel's position. We are not an honest broker. We are no broker at all. Worst of all, we know (the [...]


Israeli Arabs Crazy About Unleavened Bread

"Don't the Jews eat our bread? Fine, we eat their matzah." Interesting story in Haaretz about food politics in Israel.