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Ladies Can Pretend To Be Outraged Too

You had to figure that when gender equality finally started to play itself out in the field of politics this is what it was gonna look like.


How To Be Internet Now

Maybe we're all just too tired to be outraged over the fact that so much viral traffic is based on bullshit. I would get cynical and conspiratorial and tell you that's how They Want You To Feel, but the sad fact is They don't give a shit what you're feeling so long as you click. And share. We can talk about this again next week when something similar happens.


Videogame Mocks Everything America Stands For

This makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH.

On Oct. 12 Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest game publishers, is set to release a first-person combat title called Medal of Honor. Developed with advice from elite American special forces, the new game is set during Operation Anaconda, part of the Western war in Afghanistan that followed the Sept. 11 attacks.

So far, so conventional. But in Medal of Honor's online multiplayer mode, in which teams of players battle over the Internet, one side in each match will be the Americans and the other side will play the role of Taliban fighters.