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When Oprah Has A Birthday Everyone Is A Year Older

I don't know if it's simply another part of the package of magical powers she wields over the perception of us all or some deeper fissure in the system of linear events but there is a weird thing where whatever age Oprah Winfrey is seems to be the exact age you would assume Oprah Winfrey to be. Today that age is 60, which sounds just right.


Filming Nature Footage Arduous, Amazing, Disgusting, Beautiful

Nice piece in the Times today about the process that went into filming the state-of-the-art nature footage featured in the Discovery Channel's new series "Life," which debuts Sunday. "In that first episode viewers see a strawberry dart frog's tadpoles come to life, then watch the mother carry each baby up a rainforest tree to a safe perch inside a bromeliad plant. Then they see the mother lay eggs to feed the newborns until they can move on their own, weeks later. Without any dialogue the shots tell a gripping story about a mother's commitment to her offspring."


An O-Nalysis: My Recommendations For Oprah

I recently saw a headline over at The New York Times about "Oprah at a Crossroads." I didn't read the article because I didn't want to use up any of my free NYT web-clicks on it, but it looks like the article is about how Oprah's O magazine is starting to suck wind because it has less ads, which happened because Oprah doesn't have a show on regular teevee any more, I bet.

See, Oprah decided to go on cable televison with her "OWN," which is the Oprah Winfrey Network, and so she shut down her regular TV show on original regular television. As a close and careful [...]


Chris Lehmann Live Blogs Sarah Palin on Oprah. For Reals!

Sarah on the Couch


Mary J. Blige Sings "Stairway To Heaven" On Oprah

Here is the undisputed Queen of Hip-hop Soul singing the all-time number one definitive classic-rock song on Oprah Winfrey's daytime TV talk show. I love Led Zeppelin. I love Mary J. Blige. But this never should have happened.


Tweeting Yourself To Death

First Virginia Heffernan announced she hated her iPhone; now the NYT mag columnist on all things webby is totally over Twitter. And she goes to a dark place! "I used to think that writers on the Web who feared hate mail and carping bloggers were just being old-fashioned and precious. But now, while I brood on the maxim 'connectivity is poverty,' I can't help wondering if I've turned into some banged-up street kid, stuck in a cruel and crowded neighborhood, trying to convince everyone that regular beatings give you character." Still, we're kind of thinking she's pissed she filed this column right before Oprah joined.