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Grocery Concern Picks Inopportune Moment To Acquire Ungulate-Named Restaurant Chain

"Tesco has withdrawn its frozen Simply Roast Meatloaf after finding traces of up to 5 per cent horse meat in it, the company said last night…. Separately, the company is plotting a move into family dining by buying the Giraffe restaurant chain for up to £50m, it was reported last night."


Will British Horse Magazine Need To Hire Food Editor?

"A West Yorkshire abattoir has been accused of passing off horsemeat as beef for kebabs and burgers." RELATED: "Subscribe to Horse & Hound print magazine and save £50 over the year% — now includes iPad edition at no extra cost!"


Luckily For Britons, The Hot New Food Trend Is Hay

Maybe it would be easier if they just start detailing what percentage of British meat didn't used to be a pony.


Moonwalking Pony Off The Menu

"No one is getting to eat my moonwalking pony."


British Meat Scandal Gallops On

"Tesco tonight became the latest firm to drop a major supplier after discovering a range of spaghetti bolognese ready meals contained more than 60% horse meat." Perhaps it is time we refine this recipe to reflect modern British tastes.


Horse Burgers About As Healthy As Regular Burgers

"A drug that can cause cancer in humans may have entered the food chain through horse meat slaughtered in UK abattoirs, Labour has claimed."


Horsemeat Scandal "Breathtaking, Delicious" Say British Politicians

Whenever the meat supply on Knifecrime Island is perceived to be compromised, the government of the day trots out an unlucky official to take one for the team and graze on whatever bits of gristle and hoof they want to reassure their suddenly squeamish countrymen—people who eat sausage made out of dried blood on a regular basis—that everything's just fine. Nearly a quarter century after an agriculture minister attempted to fell the fear that crazy cows might do further damage to the already addled grey matter of that cursed island's lager-fueled legion of louts by attempting (unsuccessfully) to cram a BSE-burger into a [...]


Horse That British People Eat Might Be Less Appealing Kind Of Horse

"Horsemeat found in British supermarkets 'may be donkey'"


They Eat Horses, Don't They?

As food safety authorities "try to find out how beefburgers on sale in UK and Irish Republic supermarkets became contaminated with horsemeat," a helpful soul "has launched an online calculator – so burger fans can work out how many horses they could eat in a lifetime." I mean, let's be honest, you're eating a lot worse than horse when you're having a burger, but sure, oh no the ponies, etc.