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I Don't Know What To Believe About Olive Oil Anymore

"A graphic last Sunday about adulterated olive oil sold as 'extra virgin' contained several errors. Olives that are used in substandard oil are typically milled days, weeks or even months after being picked — not 'within hours.' The graphic conflated two dubious practices that can be found in parts of the olive oil industry. Some unscrupulous producers mix olive oil with soybean or other cheap oils, while others mix vegetable oils with beta carotene and chlorophyll to produce fake olive oil; the two practices are not always combined. Olive oil bottled in Italy and sold in the United States may be labeled 'packed in [...]


The Last of the New Jersey Tomatoes

It's been a rough month. In one small bright spot, there is the fact that, right now, in November, after the hurricane, after the first snow, you can eat a better-tasting tomato than you have eaten all year. (Thanks, global warming.) Over in Park Slope, Scalino on 7th Avenue and 10 Street is still serving up a "Jersey Tomato Salad," but not for long. Go today or within the next week, because the guy who runs the place told me that's as long as he'll have this particularly fantastic batch of tomatoes he gets from a farmer he knows who probably likes Bruce Springsteen.


So-called Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, You Don't Love Me And You're Killing Me!

You have no soul! You have no soul and this recently released report, from the UC Davis Olive Center, proved it to me! And I quote: "Sixty-nine percent of imported olive oil samples and 10 percent of California olive oil samples labeled as extra virgin olive oil failed to meet the IOC/USDA sensory (organoleptic) standards for extra virgin olive oil." You're a liar! You have no soul and no organoleptic standards!