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C86 Again

Just this morning I was reading the paper and thinking, "Oh, great, I have lived long enough to see a pub rock revival launched by the children of the people who were actually around to enjoy it the first time," but you know what, I will be first in line to by the massive repackaging of NME's C86 compilation because nostalgia is nothing if not persistent and I will take my BMX Bandits in whatever [...]


You're Old Because You're Sad

"People suffering from depression may be aging faster than other people, according to a new study from the Netherlands."


Another Fucking Thing Is 20 Years Old

"Girls & Boys camouflaged itself well: on the surface it was a gaudy tale of holidaymakers trading STDs in Kavos, recounted over trashy electro. But bubbling away underneath was the culmination of a plan that had hatched in Damon Albarn’s mind many months before: how to halt the pervading Americanisation of guitar music and reassert some belief into a British scene suffering from an identity crisis." —You know what's old now? Everything.


No Alternative… TO DEATH

You know what's old? You, the works of art and culture that were once such important signifiers of who you thought you were and what story you wanted to tell the world about yourself, all the promise and potential that portended so many possible futures for your life, the heartbreaking realization that where you are now is about as good as it's going to get and the sneaking suspicion that everyone around you knows how you mask the pathetic realities of your failure to meet even the most attainable goals you once set for yourself but they are too polite to say anything because it's all just too awkward to [...]


The Best Albums Of 2013: How Many Of Them Have You Heard Your Niece Mention?

At this point I have set the bar for myself so close to the ground that I consider it a victory that I am able to recognize the photos of three out of the four acts here. Anyway, what were your favorite albums of 2013? Seriously, let me know, they will probably all be new to me.


Tree Old

Is this the oldest tree in the world? Sure, why the hell not.