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The Cathedral Ruins

A cathedral is a good place to remember. I visited European cathedrals when I was too young to care about them. There was Chartres: buttresses and spires, relics lined up in rows in glass cases, a crypt that’s not filled with dead people, but is another church in the church. One of the tour guides told me that the cathedral’s nave was constructed on an angle so that medieval pilgrims’ muck could be washed right out the door; they would just toss buckets of water in there. She also said that people still walk out to the cathedral from Paris and that it takes three days. You leave the city [...]


Rocks Old

"Before we go any further, a quick run-through of the humbling timeline of Earth’s salad days. Our planet forms 4.5 billion years ago. It’s all bubbly, molten and hot. And just as it starts to cool down 4.4 billion years ago, wham, it’s hit with something big, really big. The impact remelts most of the Earth and the debris from this crash, well, there’s our moon. Shortly thereafter the moon-forming impact, say in the 100-150 million year window, the Earth cools down again, an ocean forms, and O’Neil’s rocks were created, pink speckles and all. At 4.3 billion years of age, O’Neil’s brown basalt ousts the previous contender, the [...]


The Original "Say My Name"

Joe Allison had trouble hearing his wife, Audrey, on the phone. “Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone,” he’d say. One day, she wrote it down so they could turn it into a song. A singer called Jim Reeves recorded that song, “He’ll Have To Go” in October of 1959; it topped the charts by February of 1960.

“Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone,” Reeves says, only he’s not a husband who can’t hear his wife, but someone whose someone is with someone else: “I’ll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low,” he sings, “And you can [...]


Rock Record, You, Old

"Matthew Sweet will perform his seminal 1991 album Girlfriend in its entirety on an upcoming fall tour, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The 20th anniversary trek is set to kick off in October confirms a rep for Missing Piece Records, which will release Sweet’s new Album, Modern Art, on September 20."


The Rolling Stones Have Been A Band For Fifty Years

The Rolling Stones played their first concert under that name on July 12, 1962. That's fifty years ago today. There are lots of different ways to feel about this. I'm choosing acceptance of the imperfection of even life's very greatest joys. They are rehearsing for their next tour because they've sort of gotten themselves into a position where they can't stop until Mick or Keith dies.