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The Decrepit Beauty of Dallas

On a recent walk through downtown Dallas, I stopped to admire an old light fixture attached to an abandoned building. The streets around me, lined with weedy lots and architectural wreckage, were deserted enough to feel vaguely menacing. A car cruised past; its driver and I seemed to regard each other with the same wary suspicion. I returned my attention to the light. “Look at me,” it whispered, defiant and exhausted, “and try to tell me that the old world was not better than the new one.”

I wasn’t so sure, given that whatever good you want to say about the past, the fact remains that it [...]


The Tiny Newspaper In North Carolina That Scooped Up Journalism's Big Prizes

Yancey County is located in the mountainous western stretch of North Carolina, about 45 minutes from Asheville. The county's population is less than 18,000, and yet it has two local papers to serve it: the Yancey Common Times Journal, which has been in publication more than a hundred years, and the "other" newspaper, the Yancey County News, founded in 2011. The paper's masthead lists only two people—husband and wife Jonathan and Susan Austin—but nevertheless, its first year out, the Yancey County News has won two major journalism awards, the E.W. Scripps Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment and the Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism.


"Worst Wedding DJ Ever": An Internet Video Sensation, Examined

In the past 24 hours, a clip entitled "Worst Wedding DJ EVER!" has crossed my transom multiple times, usually accompanied by an exhortation like "Too Funny!" or "OMG." In the clip, some guy in an ill-fitting suit is inspired to use some… unconventional percussion while he's leading a conga line through its motions from the stage. As with many funny videos that just happen to surface on YouTube, I had one important question: Was the thing real, or was it just stealth marketing for some TV show coming to a high-numbered cable channel this summer? I put my head together with Awl Internet Expert Miles Klee and [...]


'Old School' Is 10 And You're Not Getting Much Younger Yourself

On the occasion of Old School's tenth anniversary, let's look back at a decade of cinematic manchildry.


Tobias Wolff And The First Novels That Writers Wish Were Forgotten

Out of pique or posturing authors occasionally disparage their early work. Saul Bellow referred to his pre-Augie output, Dangling Man and The Victim, as his Masters and PhD, respectively; “I find them plaintive, sometimes querulous,” he told The Paris Review. Anthony Burgess, 23 years and 30-some-odd novels after the publication of A Clockwork Orange, groused, “The book I am best known for, or only known for, is a novel I am prepared to repudiate,” and impugned it as “a jeu d'esprit knocked off for money in three weeks[.]” John Steinbeck was only slightly more charitable towards Cup of Gold: A life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, with Occasional [...]


Tabber Slammer Party Jammer

Haven't seen the Post go in on someone this hard in years. But the Bungalow 8 farewell party for Tabber Benedict, who's off to state prison for drunkenly running down a bicyclist, really gave them an opening: "'I feel terrible for Tabber because I know there’s no table service where he’s headed,' sniffed fellow socialite Justin Ross Lee. 'He’s the most pretentious person I’ve ever met.'"


The Drake And Hanson Riot At South Street Seaport

Around 2 or 3 p.m. yesterday, a large group of teens started congregating around the South Street Seaport. They were milling around waiting for the start of a free concert by the rapper Drake (whose album came out/"dropped" yesterday). Unfortunately for them, and the rest of us that showed up, that concert never happened, and what did ensue was a weird riot-type thing that resulted in metal chairs and tables being thrown off balconies and police having to eventually spray the crowd with mace.