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What Time Is Puppy: The Animal Web Wars Begin

Former Salon editor-in-chief Kerry Lauerman's secret Lerer-supported "content plus commerce" startup has been revealed—they were waiting for their Techcrunch exclusive blog post, which they now have. Because that's how you get readers! OH WE KID. Anyway, it's about kittens and hamburgers, and which one you should eat or not! Money quote: "Look at the front of The New York Times — they have a significant animal story on the front page every week. It’s our plan to launch a site to try to own that topic." (Well, not this week, there isn't one trending, but that's just because they went so big with their recent People DO IT [...]


Magazine Writer Has Lots of Money

"My financial records revealed that I have way too much money in my checking account." —Former terrible New Republic blogger and current New York and GQ contributor Jason Zengerle gets VP-vetted as a GQ stunt and the facts that emerge (okay, just that one fact) may surprise you. Also I guess he is prepared for the IRS to come at him over that whole "paying undocumented workers" and "not reporting income paid to household help" thing? Guess he won't have trouble with the small fines.

[UPDATE: This is a dick post. It was supposed to be mildly amusing and to convey mostly friendly teasing, and instead it [...]


You're Welcome, Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis writes today about, well, the opposite of growing up gay in isolation? He has a Twinkie Defense, essentially, about growing up around too many gays: "Growing up a few minutes from the Castro didn’t make me gay—if anything, it made me less likely to see myself that way. I couldn’t relate to AIDS or leather chaps, both of which seemed to be afflicting many of the gay men I saw on the corner of Castro and Market, where, in middle school, I had to transfer buses on my way home from school."

Yeah. So… it's too hot out for me to flip out over this [...]


Lil Jon Selling Pizzas on the Street

"Why yes, that is lil jon selling pizza pies for charity at some random pizzeria on the corner." Random pizzeria being at 8th Street and Broadway. "For some reason" apparently being "Celebrity Apprentice." Gary Busey, Jose Canseco also in attendance. Man. The recession is rough. Times sure are weird.


No More Jokes About Sex With Your Dog

"Last Friday 64-year-old Armand M. Pacher of Aventura was arrested for suspicion of having sex with his female great dane. Pacher's lawyer says the whole thing is a miscommunication started by a bad joke. It doesn't help his case any though that the dog was named after super model and sex symbol Christie Brinkley." -Not only can you not joke about bombs in airports, you can't joke about getting it on with your dog at the vet any more. Also: back off, Alaska! What with all the alleged dog-sexing, America's wang doesn't even have to try to defend its title of nuttiest state.


Shakespeare, Socially Networked

"We will have to use a bit of artistic license, we'll have to assume in some circumstances that the characters are blissfully unaware of what the others are doing. Often Twitter is something you see right in the moment, what happens when you're offline is quite easy to miss, unlike on Facebook." -Actor James Barrett plays Romeo in "Such Tweet Sorrow," a new, modern production of Romeo and Juliet that takes place on Twitter.


East Village Chase Bank Gets Giant Piles of Manure

"The protest happened yesterday. Chase is one of the biggest investors in mountain top removal mining. The protesters said they would leave a mountaintop in every Chase. They did. I think it was pretty baller. Also didn't hurt that the bulk of the protesters were part of a church choir that was singing lovely inspiration tunes. "


Blogs Snatched By Giant CGI Eagle!!!

The Blog Lord Giveth and the Blog Lord Taketh Away. (Well, nine hours later.)


¿Donde DONDA, Kanye?

NO. He asked for Aaron Carter. AWKWARD. RT @DONDAWorldwide: We found the "Nell Carter" that Kanye requested.

— DONDA Group (@DONDAWorldwide) January 5, 2012

The Twitter account for DONDA Group is most likely not the official Twitter account for Kanye West's new… space… design… science… cult… thing. (If you missed it, because you have a life, Mr. West announced on Twitter a new magical Santa's Workshop last night and is bringing Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson back from the dead, or something.) But it should be.

We lookin for a locksmith, a candlestick maker, the lil' Mexican exorcist lady from Poltergeist & a driving instructor [...]


Your Donations Are Off to Madison

Early this afternoon we turned off the link to make donations to protestors in Madison, Wisconsin, because, yikes, there is only so much food and whatnots we can deliver! We were kind of expecting a few hundred dollars? Well…

Total donations, after fees taken: $2,272.46. This means pre-fee donations were around $2,340, so I donated $68.17 myself to eradicate them, so none of your kindly-given money is getting skimmed by Paypal. (Fun facts: smallest donation: $1.50; largest: $100. Average was probably around $12.)

Abe Sauer will report back from his (multiple and ongoing) shopping trips and deliveries to people demonstrating in Madison. He's being joined by his brother and [...]


Today's Gay on Gay Media Metaphor Violence

From Jann Wenner's tangled id and the camera of Robert Trachtenberg comes this portrait in Rolling Stone of young "Glee" star Chris Colfer surrounded by menacing homosexuals. How to say? Ah ha, this is how to say: "Ah, yes, the life cycle of the gay man, as the fresh-faced, impressionable polyp is transformed by the greasy, feral rut into his inevitably predatory leather daddy medusa form…. Because, of course, having a train run on you by hot guys in leather is NO ONE'S idea of a good time." (via)


Dead Guy Offers Good Excuse To Trot Out Old Study

Pegs, we have them: "Do people really die of broken hearts? The toll that love and loss can take on the heart is getting more attention following the unexpected death of Hollywood husband Simon Monjack, who was found dead in his bed at age 39 just five months after mourning the loss of his wife, actress Brittany Murphy."


Oh, Did You Lose $78,383 Outside the Hotel on Rivington?

Suitcase with $78,383 inside (Lower East Side): "I thought I would at least post this. If you can describe the other items inside I will return. If not I am taking to the Police and after no one claims it I think I can legally own this. It is real hard posting this. But I know it is the right thing to do." The right thing, maybe! The stupid thing, quite possibly. (via)


New Things: Mothers With Hair

Since the beginning of time, all mothers have been bald or at least quite nearly hairless. In these heady modern times, notes a new child-haver, mothers may have hair. Writes mother Alex Kuczynski: "The mother with the long, unrestrained locks is something odd, and relatively new." [N.B. The word "nanny" does not appear in this cultural meditation.]


The Brad Pitt Bed: "Ziricote with farm raised stingray skins and nickel details"

"Available in Ziricote, Macassar ebony, Ceylon satinwood, Amboyna burl, Olive ash burl, Macassar ebony with diamond pattern inlays, hand laid eggshell, goatskin, and stingray skin." (More LOLs here and here.)


Hobbits Keep Getting Older

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Etymology Of Okay (Or, Okay, "OK")

"On 23 March 1839, OK was introduced to the world on the second page of the Boston Morning Post, in the midst of a long paragraph, as 'o.k. (all correct)'. OK may have originated from a comical misspelling How this weak joke survived at all, instead of vanishing like its counterparts, is a matter of lucky coincidence involving the American presidential election of 1840." —I prefer to spell it "okay," because it's a word I don't think should stand out so much. But Allan Metcalf's etymology of "America's Greatest Word" is so interesting, however he chooses to spell it is just fine with me.


Did You Run Out Of Things To Buy For Your Animal Baby?

"Had enough of Fido's unbearable morning breath?" Why yes I have, W magazine! Thank you for turning me on to this $32 Santa Maria Novella Dog & Cat Talc.


Conan v. Chelsea: Oh It Is On (I Guess)

Young America's hipster TV comedy boyfriend Conan O'Brien is signed up with… TBS. That cable net promised him "the biggest marketing campaign in the history of cable." (They mean "non-subscription cable" but okay.) He will be going up against the formidable Chelsea Handler, over on E!, who apparently people watch?


Jackass 3D is Pretty Much Two Hours of Cock in Your Face

"Insiders say," as these sorts of items always begin on Deadline, this one describing how Paramount said "WHY NOT?" to Jackass 3: Now With 3D or whatever it's called, "some of the footage displayed how Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and cohorts doing their usual pratfalls, but the stunt that really won the day was called 'The Heli-cockter.' One of the Jackass crew-I believe it was 'Party Boy' Chris Pontius-tethered a remote control-operated helicopter to his penis, and sat there grinning as the copter swung in circles, flying out at the spectacle-wearing Paramount executives who green lit the film." From the best comment ever on that site: "The only rule these [...]