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Respite Averted

"Fierce solar blasts that could have badly damaged electrical grids and disabled satellites in space narrowly missed Earth in 2012, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday." —Oh man, how much of a break could you have used from the Internet in 2012? I guess we can only hope that the next coronal mass ejection finally does the trick. I mean, I'll be dead by then, but I hope it does for your guys' sake.


Secret Leaser! Mayor Smaug Cackles In Sky Above Met Museum As Tourists Shriek!

With 67 days left in office, Mayor Smaug is working his way down his hit list. He's like Bill Clinton granting pardons but the opposite!

The latest victims: maybe… you? Yesterday the city issued an amendment to the Metropolitan Museum's "lease" that allows it to charge a full admission, instead of a suggested donation. (The city did this with the Natural History museum as well.) We put "lease" in scarequotes because the actual document dates from 1878; no lease should be that long. In any event, since the 1890s, agreements required the museum to be open "free of charge" five days and two nights a week, meaning the museum [...]


Last-Minute Chances For World To End On 12/21/12

  • "The first major snowstorm of the season began its slow eastward march across the Midwest early Thursday, leaving at least three people dead, creating treacherous driving conditions and threatening to disrupt some of the nation's busiest airports ahead of the holiday weekend."
  • "Tornado warnings remained in effect in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama early Thursday."
  • "Schools across the country, already on edge following last week's massacre of 20 students and six adults at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school have been further unnerved following a series of copycat threats, sometimes yielding arrests and caches of deadly weapons."
  • "The number of Americans filing first-time claims for [...]

Hipster Cop Free to Love in Secrecy

Ain't nobody gonna ask Hipster Cop if he's gay, I guess. Hot GQ pics though. (What a WORLD.)


Mt. Gox Topples

So long, Mt. Gox! Early this morning our time, the Bitcoin exchange announced it was entering bankruptcy protection. What was Mt. Gox? It was a dreaaaammmmm. And how: "The company's lawyers added that Mt.Gox may have lost nearly all of its virtual currency, leading to a black hole of 2.8 billion Japanese yen, local media reported."


Twitter Stomps Out Micropayments

A bunch of us have been using Flattr recently. It's a goofy but sweet European company that allows you to set a budget for micropayments that get delivered through social media services: Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Github, You favorite a thing? Part of your monthly budget goes to that favorite.

This was going semi-well. One problem was that Flattr isn't that widespread yet, though it had to start somewhere. So payments tended to be a bit circular. I made about 7 Euros in the last month, and I spent about 15 Euros. A lot of this, it looks like, was just money sort of equally changing hands.


How Many Booker Prize Nominees Have You Read?

I'm batting a full "zero out of twelve" on the Booker Prize longlist! I'm basically illiterate.


'Red Dawn' Put on Deep Hold

Aww. Sounds like MGM, which is now the property of its creditors (so long, James Bond movies?), might not even be able to release Red Dawn. But we were having so much fun!


Quiz: What Kind Of Frightening Reminder That Humans Are Killing The Planet With Greenhouse Gasses Are You?

"Climate change is slowly but steadily cooking the world’s oceans"


Björk's Kickstarter Comes Up $565,374 Short

"£15,370 pledged of £375,000 goal. Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator about 1 hour ago." (via)


Yale, 2007, AIDS: "We mostly saw it as an African problem"

"'We mostly saw it as an African problem, and a little bit as an inner-city American problem,' he said. 'Nobody ever talked about it as a disease among Yale students and staff.'" —Bless you and all, but I'll probably never recover from that quote, Christopher Glazek, Yale '07. Still! Glad to hear there are future plans to help colleges make note of what is apparently still, somehow, unspeakable and unthinkable.