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Good News, There Is No Big Socialist Government, Or Else It Would Be Eagerly Helping Cold Hungry People in New York City, Instead of Ignoring Them

The National Guard is dropping off food and water in the Rockaways at least, if you know where to look. (Some folks there didn't even know that for days.) Come on, people. (via)


Occupy Super PAC a Non-Event

Remember how everyone got all excited about that Occupy super PAC? That is what we call the work of a lone gunman.


Tyler the Creator Arrested = 2011 Wrapped Up in a Nice Little Package

And so the year ends as it must, with the arrest of Odd Future's Tyler the Creator in Los Angeles early this morning. (Video here, of him going to town on the venue's sound guy, if you care.) Unrelatedly, no doubt, they have a new album out. Well. That's 2011 for ya, come to bite us all on the behind. (Photo by Mike Rosenstein.)


Let's Not Build Anything Ever Again, Never Forget

“Now, if we have a more decentralized mass transit system using buses, if the terrorists blow up a single bus, we can work around that. When they blow up a rail, that just brings the system to a grinding halt. So how much security are we going to have on this rail system, and how much will it cost?” —That's J.D. Van Brink, of the Georgia Tea Party, explaining why trains shouldn't be built in the US of A. So, I guess the terrorists won? Also, I would like to report that I saw the movie Unstoppable recently, because I was sure the "runaway train" concept was just [...]


Beach Town Wants to Ban Black Parties, As Cops Shoot People

As we discussed last week, Miami Beach was paralyzed by fear and terror regarding the arrival of a couple hundred-thousand black people in town over Memorial Day Weekend. Well, they came, they went to Busta Rhymes' birthday party and only a few people were shot. By the police.

As near as anyone can tell, cops came up on a "stalled car" with guns out and shot up the car, claiming the driver had a gun. Twelve police officers likely shot four bystanders, definitely killed the driver and three officers were mildly injured.

They did not find a weapon in the car, however.


Man Explains What's Missing When Women Aren't Represented In Comedy

"I really have no idea how different this book would have been with an all-female writing crew. I would imagine the drawing of a vagina might have been more accurate, though, and might not have included so many rows of fangs." Man explains what went wrong with humor book about sex ("Our Bodies, Our Junk") that was written by five men. (Don't worry boys-the successful ladies are too busy getting divorced to be funny.)


Also the Whole "Watergate Thing" Would Have Been a Nice Series of Tweets

"Back in 2001, it took a six monthlong investigation by Fortune writer Bethany McLean to uncover the wrongdoings that led to the collapse of Enron. Had The Business Insider been around, it would have done it in two weeks, according to TBI President Julie Hansen—maybe with a slideshow to follow. 'We would pursue it for a couple weeks, get a lot of sources, get the data and tell people, This is what we know. What do you know? What do you think?' she said." —"Do you know more about Enron's secret accounting? Tell us IN THE COMMENTS."


Jeb Bush, Just Quietly Speechifying on the Road

"We need to celebrate every time someone starts a business in this country — not regulate it to death. A new business? Great. Go and compete. Do your best and make a lot of money." —Jeb Bush, political non-candidate.


Obama Setting Records on Deportation

"Obama is on the verge of deporting more undocumented immigrants in a single term than Bush did his full eight years in office." Liberals. What can you do.


Kinds of Policies Obama Has, According to Republicans


Man Rehabilitates Image by Starting Hedge Fund

"Thomas Bruderman's pals still tease him about the lavish 2003 bachelor party that landed him in financial regulators' crosshairs. There was a yacht, visits to strip clubs and a dwarf hired for entertainment…. Bruderman is trying to start over, having co-founded a hedge fund." —I may be mistaken but isn't partying down with dwarves a lot better for your reputation than hedge-funding?


Finnish Embassy Is Basically Naked Lobbyist Sexy Room

Just who hobnobs with whom in the hot, dank Finnish Embassy sauna? Now we know! "Melissa Merz, a principal at the public affairs firm Podesta Group [American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity! Cherokee Nation! Lockheed Martin! Wal-Mart!] , arrived with her husband, Robert Mackey, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and historian hired by the government to declassify documents [cough, spook!]. The group then grew to include Lynne Weil, the communications director for the House Foreign Affairs Committee; her husband, Nils Bruzelius, an executive editor at the Environmental Working Group [cell phones kill!]; and Christine Mangi, a spokeswoman for Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) [Committee on Indian Affairs! Committee on [...]


Civil Unions Way Too Radical for This Year's Republican Party

Haha, the GOP plank this year won't even get down with civil unions, much less gay marriage, because it's 1952. Must be a hard year to be a young Republican or even that old mythical "social liberal/fiscal conservative."


"Marshmallows Are the New Cupcakes"

Please make a note about the supplanting of cupcakes with marshmallows, as decreed by T. Still, I think that's REALLY unfortunate, because I wanted profiteroles to be the new cupcakes, and you just know petits fours are going to be the new marshmallows in a couple months. 2012 SUCKS.


Traffic Alert: Cash Causes Disruption

Well sure, that would do it. People always be LOVING money.


'Washington Post' to Shutter Nine Local Bureaus

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A sad day at The Washington Post, with the news that we're closing all of our local bureaus except Richmond and Annapolis.Thu Sep 01 18:24:20 via webAmy GardnerAmyEGardner

First they came for… etc.

In late 2009, the Washington Post closed its last U.S. bureaus outside of the D.C. area, including Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. (It also closed bureaus in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin.) But what of its 11 D.C.-area bureaus? Now there will be two.


Local Rich Man Bankrolled Anti-Mosque PR Campaign

Long Island-based Republican megadonor and hedge fund honcho Robert Mercer (and his wife, Diana) gave more than $100,000 in the 2010 election cycle to people like Michele Bachmann. (Also his three daughters donate big-time as well, at least in name, although certainly one of them has her own money, from her $2 million settlement against Duke, from when she was kicked off the football team for being a girl. So she's that unusual thing: a far-right gender equality litigant! She also runs, with her sisters, a bakery in New York City—while donating to Jim DeMint. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! We are a nation of diversity!) We bring up [...]