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The Uniform Outfit

The short black sleeves on Alex Pappas’s jersey were offset by a triptych of white and orange lines near the shoulder. "Yaquis de Obregon" was splashed across the front in a slanted, stylized font, the dark letters bordered in orange. Pappas told the small crowd around the table about how he had hopped the border to get the jersey, which represents a team from a Mexican winter baseball league. The kid next to him, Mike Engle, wore the blue and red of the Montreal Canadiens and offered a tamer story: He’d merely custom-ordered his clothes to look like those of the team’s mascot, and replaced the usual numbers with an [...]


'Tiger Eyes: The Movie' Is Actually Going to Happen!

This is the sound of every lady between 26 and 45 screaming. FIRST STOP: TIGER EYES. Second stop: WIFEY??? Ugh, I don't even know in which order I want the Judy Blume canon to be made into films.


Inside America's Sweetest Propaganda Machine

This tale of what it was like traveling with Up With People, the feel-good traveling music performance that was funded by Halliburton and Exxon, among others, to export the American style of consuming and clean livin', is pretty amazing:

"Let me tell you, Up With People has a pretty squeaky clean image, but behind the scenes it can get a bit freaky; on the bus, backstage, up in the catwalk in some high school auditorium, cougar host mom's basement, older host brother's dorm room, layover in Amsterdam…….. It's not like we were Led Zeppelin throwing tellies out windows and hiding fish, but it wasn't like a super bowl [...]


Secretive Maybe-Gay British Spy's Cause of Death Also A Mystery

The strange case of Gareth Williams, the British spy found dead and padlocked inside a sports bag, with the phone numbers of gay escorts scattered about his apartment, is getting stranger. Let's see: "The cause of his death has still not been established despite two post mortems being carried out. There were no obvious injuries on his body." Also! "His position regularly took him to the US where he liaised with the National Security Agency and the CIA and he is also reported to have made a number of visits to Afghanistan." And of course, there is a friend who claims the spy was plagued [...]


Putting Suicidal Selfie Addict On National Television Will Surely Send The Right Signal

"Watch the video above as Danny revealed the reason why he was obsessed with taking photos of himself."


"Mission Impossible": I Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is

Paula Patton is 5'4" (allegedly).


Crazed Designer Michael Bastian to Stop Selling $540 Shorts!

"At some point during the last five years, it occurred to Michael Bastian that $540 was a lot to charge for a pair of khaki cut-off shorts, even if some men were willing to pay." —As we have noted in this Michael Bastian display of homeless hipster Park Slope dork DILF chic that costs $1765, perhaps it is possible to overprice clothes! Now the designer is trying to cut his costs… by 10 to 20%. I will not see you there!


Chrysler Fucking America Both Ways Till Sunday

Your president will come down and tell bankrupt maker of terrible cars Chrysler what is up at noon today. Sadly, the men who actually build the cars have already given up hope, as their union agreed to new healthcare concessions that mean Viagra is no longer covered. (Yes!) There are 6.3 million people now collecting unemployment in the U.S., a record high for the 13th week in a row.


Ask Polly: I Am Obsessed With My Boyfriend's Evil Ex-Girlfriend—And Her Blog! (And Their Dogs!)

Dear Polly,

I'm a 26-year-old female living in NYC who has been in a serious monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half now. He's a supportive partner who fulfills all of my needs and I love him tremendously.

The only problem I have with our relationship is that he was previously married. I met him shortly after he left his ex, and was with him through the divorce. His marriage was an abusive one; she inflicted years of mental and emotional torment that he's still recovering from. He also still lives in the same neighborhood as his ex (I've seen her on more than one [...]


Fly Like the 1%

Cathay Pacific first class, JFK to Hong Kong: caviar and handwritten notes from the cabin crew.


'Vogue' Renounces Federer for–Hoo Boy, Near-Naked Djokovic

Vogue editor Anna Wintour pretty much single-handedly created the fame of maybe-yesterday's tennis superstar Roger Federer and now? The front of Vogue's website is plastered with an enormous nearly-naked Novak Djokovic, who is on a 39-game winning streak, likely the best tennis player in the world, certainly the most fascinating man in tennis to watch play right now, and GOOD GRAVY, IS HE EVER REALLY VERY NAKED. (Unfortunately, Vogue went to press before his recent trouncing of Rafael Nadal on clay, but Sports Illustrated has us covered.)


GM To Be Handily Rewarded For Destroying Economy

GM is going to lay off 21,000 people. I mean, they are saying that is how many they will lay off, so it is a start, because earlier they said they were only cutting 14,000, and now suddenly it is 21,000. Question! Why would any sane government loan and/or give billions of dollars to a company that is destroying the infrastructure of our country, which is to say, the state of people being homeful and employed and able to shop at the D & W Fresh Market? What failed company is worth saving if it is taking society down with it?