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"Zinging The Chubby" Something Less Exciting Than I Initially Thought

“Zinging the chubby does not require a shift in our daily conversation. Plenty of Americans are already more than willing to chide their fellow fatties about their weight.” —The head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center expresses opposition to the idea that shaming the obese might cause them to lose weight.


Meal Rates Highly On Olive Garden Lasagna Classico Scale

"It's like eating three orders of Olive Garden's Lasagna Classico plus an order of tiramisu for dinner." —The Center for Science in the Public Interest explains just what kind of value you get when you order the Cheesecake Factory's Bistro Shrimp Pasta, "made with a butter and cream sauce and topped with battered, fried shrimp," which comes in at over 3000 calories.


Evil Hamburger Clown Giving British Kids Books Instead Of Toys

"A little portion of literacy is set to be served up alongside the cheeseburgers and fries at McDonald's after the fast food chain committed to giving away 15 million books with its Happy Meals over the next two years [...] McDonald's has now committed to a new, long-term campaign backed by the National Literacy Trust." —The cheap plastic toys in Happy Meals have been the targets of bans in San Francisco. McDonald's stores in Britain are getting ahead by replacing the toys with cheap books.


Eat Less Fat Yourself Less Fat

"Forget dieting; just cut down a little on the fat in what you eat and you'll lose weight. The confirmation that you can lose weight without eating less comes from a review of studies involving nearly 75,000 people – none of whom were trying to lose weight. The pounds fell off when they changed to a diet containing less fat." —Apparently, if most of what you can eat is food that is no fun, you will decrease the sad number of pounds you are shuffling along with. I imagine this would also work if you cut down a little on the alcohol, but I will allow Science to [...]


Chris Christie Will Do Literally Anything, Including Be Nice To Barack Obama, To Get Bruce Springsteen's Approval

Chris Christie's sudden respect for Barack Obama has enraged conservatives and the Romney campaign, but it makes sense when you remember that Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen more than anything, and a disaster just hit New Jersey, and Springsteen will obviously do a benefit. But Springsteen, who is such a Famous Democrat that he actually campaigns with Obama, refuses to have anything to do with Christie. What might change Bruce's feelings for the Republican governor of New Jersey? What might make The Boss finally give a little love back to his biggest (!) fan, Chris Christie?

This should do it:

Springsteen To Perform At Sandy Benefit [...]


The Sugar Wars: Science's Fierce, Geeky Debate Over Soda

The debating season may be presidential, but if the spectacle of supersized pandering served with an unlimited salad bar of platitudes, slogans, and empty promises strikes you as strangely unfulfilling, there is always academia, where, sometimes, the politics are as equally vicious because the stakes are equally as high. Such was the case in San Antonio recently, at the Obesity Society's 30th annual meeting, the premier scientific conference in the US on what is, arguably, the nation's most pressing health problem. As the prologue to a four-day Finnegan's Wake of technical discussion (did you know that NMDA receptor NR2B subunits in the parabrachial nucleus mediate compensatory feeding?), the society's presidential [...]


Dog Large

Is this the world's fattest dachsund? Sure, why the hell not.


Stick Your Fingers In Your Ear Yourself Thin

"The findings of this study come at a time when our country is slowly recovering from the onslaught of negative presidential campaign ads chalked with topics such as the weak economy, gun violence, war, deep political divides, just to name a few problem areas. Now that we know this sort of messaging causes people to seek out more calories out of a survival instinct, it would be wise for those looking to kick off a healthier new year to tune out news for a while." Does bad news make you fat? Sure, why the hell not.


Dunkin' Donuts Finally Bringing Its Glamor To Southern California Strip Malls

In all the pretend cultural battles between the East Coast and the West Coast, Dunkin' Donuts occupies a special spot. Eastern Seaboard people are constantly in the Dunkin' Donuts shops, eating bizarre lard-based concoctions such as the beloved "New Hampshire Turkey Snausage Cheese-Steak On a Heat-Pressed Chocolate-glazed White-Bread Sodium Bagel." It's the kind of food that makes Taco Bell look healthy in comparison. It's food for cops and the huge bellies they've earned from 25 years on the beat, taking crap from you people who don't show no respect for nothin', and eating in their patrol cars while listening to classic rock.


Bird Bodysnarked

Is this Britain's chubbiest robin? Sure, why the hell not.


Your Expanding Gut: Scientific Reasoning

Here is a scientific explanation for the reason that, even though you have gorged yourself on turkey and stuffing and potatoes and cheese and a bunch of bread and whatever else you've crammed down your gullet, you're still all, "Yeah, I could have some pie."


The "Ignoring Your Hurricane Gut" Compact

So we're all agreed that the polite thing to do for the next couple of weeks is not mention the extra pounds we've put on over the last few days, right? RIGHT?


"Lifetime Of Obesity" Apps Prove Powerful Success With Nation's Couchbound Children

"U.S. food companies are reaching children by embedding their products in simple and enticing games for touch-screen phones and tablets. The new medium is far cheaper than Saturday morning TV commercials and could prove as effective."


Sitting On Your Ass Makes Your Ass Bigger: Science

"Every extra hour of television that a toddler watches weekly takes a toll on their waist size and athletic ability by the time they turn ten, claim scientists. Waistlines of ten-year-olds who had watched 18 hours a week at the age of four were 7.6mm bigger than those of children who had watched the average amount of 14.8 hours, the study found. The distance children could jump was also reduced by a third of a centimetre for each extra hour of TV they had watched per week at the age of two."


Will "Energy Drinks" Finally Kill Off Most Americans?

"A new government survey suggests the number of people seeking emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled nationwide during the past four years, the same period in which the supercharged drink industry has surged in popularity in convenience stores, bars and on college campuses. From 2007 to 2011, the government estimates the number of emergency room visits involving the neon-labeled beverages shot up from about 10,000 to more than 20,000." —Those corn-syrup/caffeine "sports drinks" are not just making you obese.


New Coca-Cola Ads Wondering How You All Got So Fat

Here is a disgusting fact you probably don't think enough about, unless you're Michael Bloomberg resting between other public tragedies such as climate change and the slaughter of children: The primary source of calories for Americans is "caloric beverages." Meaning, on top of all the repulsive processed food and industrial fat-meat Americans eat around the clock, corn-syrup drinks provide the largest percentage of calories per American.

Coca-Cola, which adds corn syrup to water at factories around the world, is finally spending your money to buy commercials on the cable-news channels to tell you about this problem.

"Today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all [...]


Overeating Kicking Starvation's Ass

"The largest ever study into the state of the world's health has revealed that, for the first time, the number of years of healthy living lost as a result of people eating too much outweigh the number lost by people eating too little."


Murderous Twinkie Will Still Be Made After Bankruptcy Sale

America engaged in a few moments of phony communal nostalgia for the Hostess Twinkie today, as the news got around that the Texas-based snack manufacturer would shut down operations and sell its assets following bankruptcy and a long battle between the brand's current private equity owners, creditors and the union representing 18,500 bakery and factory workers. The biggest losers, as always, are the employees. With a Kochian sneer, Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn announced that "Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders."

Oh, the Twinkie! How will America recover, etc. First, [...]


In A Time Of Contraction At Least Our Asses And Livers Continue To Expand

"Americans Get Fatter, Drunker"


Old Man Mocks Fat Man

"I'm flying Southwest and I oftentimes take the middle seat. I don't think Christie is taking the middle seat. So I'm doing my part for austerity." —California's Jerry Brown fires back at portly New Jersey pol Chris Christie, who recently referred to the Golden State governor as an "old retread." As delightful as it is to see politicians spar, I am struck by the notion of how horrible it would feel to board a plane and realize you'd be sitting next to either one of these gentlemen. I guess if I had to choose I'd pick Brown, but only because of the certainty that I'd be asleep within ten [...]