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College Activist Stunt Ushers In Dialogue On Serious Issue

"Jewish students living in an NYU dorm woke up Thursday to find threatening 'eviction' notices left by pro-Palestinian activists, officials said. The notices – stealthily delivered in the dead of night by members of NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine – warned students at the Palladium Hall residence that their suites were scheduled for demolition." [...]


Inside The "Riot Grrrl" Archives

An early issue of Girl Germs, one of the zines archived in the Riot Grrrl Collection at NYU’s Fales Library, is made of ten sheets of standard-size office paper stacked on top of each other, folded lengthwise, and stapled twice down the spine. With the fold on the left, so the surface is taller than it is wide, the sheets become a half-size book of 38 pages and two covers. When the master copy was made in the early 1990s, its pages were hand-pasted with illustrations, essays, and letters either torn from notebooks or cut to size, then photocopied into a small print run by Molly Neuman and Allison [...]


The Kids Are Deranged: The Best of NYU's ITP Student Show

Tonight is the second night of the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program spring show, with thesis projects and schemes and fun things. It's sheer chaos, and you can stop by tonight from 4 to 8 p.m. if you want to see some good old fashioned wackiness.

A few of the student projects really stood out for me as art objects or as great thinking or excellent applied programming or as just plain fun. There were probably a lot of great things that I didn't "get" or didn't appreciate or just missed, so human error applies here.

Google Booth is a small constructed room. There's a slot on the [...]


The Internet Terror Phone

Walk down Broadway, past Canal, past banks and furniture stores, Mr. Fashion and sneaker shops and condos, old then new, brick then steel, until the buildings grow taller and begin to take up entire blocks. Turn right at the unopened Pret, across from the McDonald’s, down Thomas Street, a one-way single-lane. Look up. You can’t miss it: A monolith, brutalist, granite armored, its skeleton colossal slats of moulded concrete. It is said to feature the largest blank facade in the world. The building’s six turrets contain air ducts, a whole mess of ventilation for whatever is inside. Whatever is inside—that’s the question.

There are no windows, there are barely [...]


If NYU Didn't Give You A Loan For A Second Home You Suck As A Professor

"He said that only a small fraction of the more than 100 loans given by N.Y.U. (some of which were made by New York University itself and others by related foundations) were for second homes."


More on "The Local: East Village"

Here is more on The Local: East Village, the NYU-New York Times hybrid web publication, from NYU's Jay Rosen. We discussed this a bit yesterday. (And some of our criticism was interpreted by a few people to mean that 1. we hate students! and 2. we hate "new ideas"! Which, yes. Yes, we hate the young and their newfangled web journalism ideas! Isn't that position obvious?) Now give that a read and you all can make up your own minds what you think of this new publication and we wish the young folks involved all the best in a great news-gathering experience! Obviously we have a couple [...]


NYU Student Loses Faith In Authority

In the curious case of an NYU student who went suddenly missing—he was trapped in a tiny space between two buildings, down at 80 Lafayette, for much of the weekend!—students blame the campus for inaction:

[Student Michael] Yablon says he asked NYU Public Safety officials on Sunday morning to search security footage of the Lafayette building for any sight of [Asher] Vongtau. Public Safety officals told Yablon that the footage was kept at a location only open Monday through Friday, and at that point Yablon said, “we decided to take matters into our own hands.”

Vongtau went missing early Saturday, after hanging in a dorm room. (“I don’t want [...]


NYU Star Faculty Live Unreal Lives of Luxury

"During Dr. Sexton’s tenure, N.Y.U. has earned a reputation for lavishly rewarding its star faculty members. It bought a $6.5 million Upper East Side apartment for the head of its medical center, and it paid more than $4 million to help a former Columbia law professor stay in her turreted Upper West Side home when she joined the N.Y.U. law faculty. It gave the dean of N.Y.U.'s law school a $5.7 million loan to buy an apartment." —Turns out that perks for New York University's star faculty are as ridiculous as the very worst fiction has suggested.