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Michael Grimm For Mayor

Michael Grimm, the former Marine and FBI agent who 1. spent an infamous 17 minutes in a bar bathroom in Bay Ridge, 2. does real estate business with a crook, 3. worked at a customer-gouging Wall Street outfit, 4. ran a restaurant that refused to pay workman's comp and was accused of not paying minimum wage, 5. was investigated by the FBI for fundraising with a dodgy Israeli mystic, 6. once allegedly held a club full of people hostage while waving around a gun (he claims it was in the line of duty, and was never charged), and 7. claims he never told said night club [...]


NY1's Roger Clark Is New York City's Last Hero

People are always saying things on the Internet all the time. But they are such teases. We like details. So we have to ask.

Thanks for the interview @jakedobkin @gothamist – sorry about my sweating a lot – @jenchung @jenist @johndelsignore @nellcasey

— Roger Clark (@RogerClark41) October 22, 2013

So I just got back to NY1 from @Gothamist headquarters and turns out my polo shirt was inside out the whole time. Yikes!

— Roger Clark (@RogerClark41) October 22, 2013

Roger! So what happened here?

I was assigned to do a story on the Banksy phenomenon. I had [...]


Are You Turning Against Pat Kiernan?

The constant politicking for a better job. The Times Thursday Styles profile. Paying the highest price ever in Williamsburg for a house (an unattractive house!) on Bedford Avenue. It's the kind of exposure that begs for backlash and, according to my inbox, NY1 hero Pat Kiernan is getting the backlash now. (Personally there's only room in my heart for one Canadian broadcaster, and that's CBC's New York correspondent David Common. Have you seen David Common? PICTURED HERE. That's not Pat Kiernan! Come to where the (maple) flavor is.) The backlash against Kiernan mostly revolves around the fact that if any of us campaigned relentlessly for months in [...]


Where Has Adele Sammarco Been?

Those of you who are not Skidmore '06 or Sarah Lawrence '07, which I realize is most of you, will remember Adele Sammarco, who once upon a time was making the blabber happen on NY1 nearly as frequently as Roma Torre. (You will particularly remember this if you spend a lot of time in NYPD detention, a mandatory NY1 viewing area.) Wherever has she been? She has been doing PR in Staten Island and preparing suit against NY1 for the sex harassment: "Sammarco says she was subjected to retaliation after complaining she was groped and forcibly kissed by another reporter and ridiculed by an altered photo depicting her with [...]


NY1 Redesigned To Include One Less Hot Jogging Guy

In Time Warner's effort to "rebrand" NY1 to make it look just like other Time Warner local properties (WHY? We don't care about other properties!), they've redone the music and bumpers and titles and stuff. Fine. But there's a casualty of this change, as there always is.

@tmcgev @choire I didn't even know there was a hot jogger. Reviewing tapes now.

— Pat Kiernan (@patkiernan) December 16, 2013

That's right. Along the way, NY1 killed Hot Jogger Guy, who used to appear in the pre-weather montage thingey, whoever he is. RIP Hot Jogger Guy. We'll always have this screenshot of you.


I Like Watching The "Not-AOL Time One Warner York Turner Inc. New" TV Station


Also, later, HBO will be renamed Home Bewkes Office.


You Wouldn't Like Pat Kiernan When He's Angry (Or Would You)

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Damn you, M&M Store. I'm not paying $44 for $8 worth of chocolate! Sep 28 12:44:34 via bitlyPat Kiernanpatkiernan

NY1 morning hero Pat Kiernan appears to be auditioning for retiring '60 Minutes' rambler Andy Rooney's job. He's REAL MAD at the M&Ms store in Times Square. (I mean, who isn't, sure.) What's the old proverb? "Something something give a man a blog and he'll have things to rage about for life."


Who Is NY1's Hot Jogger Guy?

With the stupid news that NY1, America's best local television station, is going to be renamed "Time Warner Cable News NY1," which of course is what we are ALL going to call it all the time, comes fear and anxiety. Are they going to make Pat Kiernan wear a Time Warner tie? Are they going to make a horrible new jingle in which they semi-rhyme Time Warner with "your corner" or, worse, "tenant farmer"?

My biggest concern, however, is: what's going to happen to the hot jogger guy? Hot Jogger Guy has been appearing in the transitional bumps on NY1 for a very, very long time. He now [...]


Working for NY1 Is Extremely Hazardous

A woman draped in a sheet climbed into an NY1 news van and allegedly attacked Vivian Lee as the veteran reporter covered a story in Cobble Hill Friday morning. The woman, who wore the white sheet over a T-shirt, sweatpants and green flip-flops, went inside the truck about 7 a.m. and began using Lee's makeup and snacking on food, Lee and a witness said. When Lee told her to leave, the woman allegedly punched the reporter in the neck.

This happens to Roger Clark like every day though. (Relatedly, the story she was covering, of the church lightning strike killing a fellow at Kane and Clinton, [...]


20 People to Follow on Twitter: #19, Roger Clark

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My cabbie is silently creeping me out, and the loud classical music makes me feel like I am in a Vincent Price movie #yikes!Tue Feb 01 08:22:22 via ÜberTwitterRoger ClarkRogerClark41

Throughout the month, we're counting down our most favorite Twitter accounts, ranging from the infamous to the fake to the most horrific and the most hilarious. Let the games begin!

When you think of the great newsmen of America's TV stations, you naturally think of Pat Kiernan and Brian Bolter: dashing, great hair, funny [...]