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The Future Is the Sound of Your Own Voice

NPR has been allowed a little bit of an internet-destruction grace period, on account of how slowly people buy new cars. This has given it some time to experiment with its millions of loyal listeners, to see what new things they like and don't like. Today, it's NPR One: Listen to the latest local, national and international news in a curated stream customized for you. With NPR One you're in control: you can pause, skip or spend more time with the news and entertaining stories that you might have otherwise missed. NPR One remembers your history as you go, so you'll never hear the same story twice. Search for [...]


The Loon Goes Silent: Remembering Tom Keith

On Sunday, October 30, 2011, for reasons yet unclear, Tom Keith collapsed in his home. Keith's passing robs us of one of the most enjoyable personalities ever to occupy a Minnesota Public Radio studio. Most Americans who knew him probably did as Garrison Keillor's sound effects guy, the one who lent Prairie Home Companion sketches that all-important extra dimension. Others—Minnesotans—knew him as Jim Ed Poole and Doctor Larry Kyle, characters he created for his hosting gig on The Morning Show, which he inherited from Keillor, and which he left in 2008.

I had an opportunity to speak with Keith when he agreed to a "high concept" interview of mine. [...]


James O'Keefe: "I'm Just Getting Started, OK?"

When Andrew Breitbart commandeered Anthony Weiner’s admission-of-digital-lecherousness press conference earlier this month, just seven minutes elapsed before he began to recount the tale of how America was first introduced to his strange media empire. In 2009, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles approached Breitbart with footage of low-level ACORN employees apparently offering to abet the proprietors of an illegal immigrant child prostitution ring. “To those who say your journalism here is suspect,” a reporter asked, “what do you tell those folks?” Breitbart snickered.

“'You're going to be held to a different standard,'" Breitbart said he told O’Keefe and Giles at the time. “But I said, what we're going [...]


How to Email NPR

NPR is afraid to make its people's email addresses accessible to the public. So, here you go! It's almost always in the form of first initial and last name—like—at NPR dot org. Easy!


NPR Listeners in Tears Over Juan Williams Firing

According to people who are actually listening to NPR (okay, it's Abe Sauer), bereaved listeners are phoning in to their ombudsperson, and sobbing about the contract termination of Juan Williams.


NPR: Swearing Is A Trait of East Coast Elitists

Recently, NPR aired the word "goddamned" again, this time in a quote from a Tom Cruise-in-character-as-Les Grossman appearance, and boy howdy is America upset about the taking of the Lord's name in vain. But don't worry, NPR's ombudsman (who is a woman! Which gives me pause that she should be opining on language usage!) is on the case. She writes: "I'm seeing the question through a different lens-one that is not based in the New York-Washington corridor, where this example of offensive language often goes in one ear and out the other." While it's surely true that in "real America" it is sometimes considered offensive to Christians to use [...]


If You Can't Tell When David Sedaris Is "Inventing," It's Your Problem

It's once more into the breach with David Sedaris. “I don’t think David ever posed himself as a journalist,” said Torey Malatia, who heads Chicago Public Media, which produces “This American Life.” “He’s a storyteller, a humorist. The giveaway is when he’s wildly exaggerating. It’s art. It’s fiction.”

See? Quit your complaining. You're just supposed to know when he's lying and when he isn't. "It’s acknowledged that he’s making things up," says a visiting journalism professor in Las Vegas! See? It's just acknowledged. If you don't get "the giveaway," it's because you're not a coastal elite with a finely tuned ear for lies and not lies. Also [...]


NPR Is a Sad, Sad Place

More on Lisa Simeone and how NPR folks are running scared from their own shadows. (Sorry, NPR, there's no way to sugarcoat this boondoggle.)


An Old Media Panic Always Results in a Ceremonial Firing

The "whole world" (read: not the whole world) is abuzz regarding this morning's forced resignation of short-term NPR head Vivian Schiller, over an expose video of an employee there acting dumb at a fundraising lunch, which, maybe I should care more about the operational management of nonprofit radio? I do not! In any event, let it just be repeated that NPR is not your radio station, it is not America's radio station, and it is almost entirely endowment- and sponsorship-supported. (Member stations, which pay NPR for syndication and membership, in essence, also overall have a very small budgetary percentage of public grant-taking.) That means it's pretty easy [...]


Jake Tapper Will Not Stand for Holocaust Jokes

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Going off twitter. Let me know when the liberals joking about the Holocaust (in response to Ailes' comments) stop. All of it is awful.less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJake Tapperjaketapper

People thought it was funny/crazy when Fox News honcho Roger Ailes said today that NPR executives are "the left wing of Nazism." (Related! Now would be a good time to remind everyone that NPR's federal funding [...]


That Guy NPR Fired Should Totally Go Back to France

NPR fired one of their news analysts, Panama-born (just like John McCain!) Juan Williams, author of Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary, for comments earlier this week on Fox News. He said that he gets "nervous" when he gets on a plane and sees "people who are in Muslim garb" and he thinks "they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims." The second part of this statement is what we imagine constituted the firing, because that's stupid. And dumb. And strangely French! That land of nationalism through conformity! In America? We don't do that. The first part, though… well? Heck. Juan just doesn't fly enough. Here are some [...]


"99% Invisible": The Awesome Little Radio Show About Design

Three things you probably didn’t know about your toothbrush: There are five common toothbrush grips, including one with the suggestive name of 'the death grip'; fat-handled toothbrushes make for a more comfortable grip; and, despite perceptions otherwise, straight-handled toothbrushes make for better brushing than bent-handled ones.

I learned these random tidbits while listening to "99% Invisible," a tiny little radio show about the world of design, focused on the design of things we often overlook. As Roman Mars, the show's host, notes at the end of the toothpaste episode: “In design, the thing you don’t think about or notice probably had the most thought put into it.” Mars' [...]


Let's Just Stone NPR Liberal Lisa Simeone in the Town Square!

NPR's Internal Affairs Department—in conjunction with its Office of Indefinite Detention and its Central Authority for Eliminating Wrong-Thinking—is finally weeding out the last known menace of its member networks: freelance opera contributor Lisa Simeone. She was the host of "Soundprint" (now fired), which aired on (but was not produced by) public radio affiliate WAMU, and is currently the host of the WDAV show “The World of Opera," though not for long, as the officers at NPR are assisting in WDAV's investigation that will surely convict her. Simeone is a member of October 2011, a frightening terrorist organization that opposes the endless war in Afghanistan, now in just [...]


World's Smuggest Humans Identified

Solving a seemingly impossible quest, Farhad Manjoo has discovered a group of people more annoying and self-satisfied than average NPR listeners: the people who write angry letters to NPR.


NPR Should Have Let Juan Williams Go Years Ago

Juan Williams had been warned. The move by NPR to terminate the contract of news analyst Williams has thrown the usual suspects into the expected histrionics of victimization. Karl Rove managed to keep a straight face when he went on Fox News and exclaimed "Shame on NPR" while actually wagging his finger. That Williams hasn't been challenged to specify what he meant by "Muslim garb" is just another journalistic failing in a human centipede of journalistic failings around this story. Williams' fear of Muslims (since overcome or not) as terrorists is not the problem; it's that he thinks he can easily identify "Muslim garb." (Anyway, as The [...]


Is Tenth-Grade Level Obama Too Smart or Too Stupid for America?

Adam Frank, writing for NPR, complains about a CNN report suggesting that President Obama's recent speech on the oil spill might have been "pitched over the head [sic] of the American people," because it required a tenth-grade level of comprehension. According to CNN analyst Paul J.J. Payback: "Obama's nearly 10th-grade-level rating was the highest of any of his major speeches and well above the grade 7.4 of his 2008 'Yes, we can' victory speech, which many consider his best effort…. The scores indicate that this was not Obama at his best, especially when attempting to make an emotional connection to the American people."