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Janet Malcolm v. Francine Prose

A reader writes: "what is the long game here????" He refers to this letter, in the New York Review of Books, from Janet Malcolm, to Francine Prose, regarding Rebecca West's views on Charlotte Brontë. (You got that? ARE YOU SURE.) Malcolm criticizes Rebecca West's views on Brontë, but finishes: "Prose’s condescending words about Nora Ephron’s brilliant elliptical essays are similarly puzzling."

How did this come to pass? To what end was this written? Was this an impulsive blog comment of a letter? I too would be moved to defend Nora Ephron, but perhaps not to the extent of dashing off a letter. Or was this a tip [...]


Mika Brzezinski: A Serious Journalist With Serious Gams

Liesl Schillinger's Styles-cover-worthy rundown of the "morning-news-romcom-vérité" relationship between Mika Brzezinski and her Morning Joe foil Joe Scarborough, which was illustrated with a gigantic version of the Leg Show-worthy shot at left, not only refers to the anchor as "Doris Day with a tan and killer abs" and quotes a reader e-mail in which she is told that she "looks like a Peep." No, it really goes there with multiple quotes attesting to the coupley bona fides of Joe n' Mika from none other than Nora Ephron:


Blame Nora Ephron For Lena Dunham

"'This Is My Life' is the movie that made me want to make movies. I first saw it in second grade" Lena Dunham remembers Nora Ephron


Nora Ephron Owns New York

Last night's Sony screening of "Julie and Julia," at the Lincoln Square movie theater, was bananas. It was more like a Woody Allen opening on the Upper West Side, and you know what that is like. People were waiting downstairs in an extraordinary wrap-around-the-lobby-press-line-poor New York Times critic Stephen Holden showed up not at all early and actually did a double take between the press tickets table and the end of the line. (To his credit, he hopped on the back of the line.) There were even people in the line who had been turned away from the last big-theater pre-screening. This screening looked a lot like the one, held [...]


Nora Ephron, 1941 – 2012

Apart from the various ways her artistic genius displayed itself, Nora Ephron was brilliant with people and brilliant with New York City. One small way: she was always terribly kind to kiddo reporters, reasonable in a former New York Post reporter, and as a family member to yet more reporters. No matter how stupid the story, you could email her and she'd write back—Oh hello, I'm in Greece (or Italy or on a boat or en route to Los Angeles or just plain "traveling") but let me think about this marvelous idea and get back to you just as soon as I can, and she did. And here is something [...]


Ariel Levy: An Appreciation

Did you catch the piece on writer/director/neck-lamenter Nora Ephron in this week's New Yorker? It's got some funny bits and nice moments, but there's really nothing earth-shattering or new in it. And yet? I read the entire thing, a rarity for me. Which leads me to the conclusion that, at this point in 2009, writer Ariel Levy may be the best practitioner of longform profile journalism in the business. And I'll stand on Vanessa Grigoriadis' coffee table in my Kenneth Cole Oxfords and say that. (Kidding! You're great too, Grigsy!) But, yeah… ever since she came to the New Yorker I have been consistently impressed with how compelling [...]