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Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Is Secretly Catfishing!

Dear Polly,

I am looking for a different perspective on my current relationship. I have been with my boyfriend for six years. I just recently moved in with him about four months ago. We have a pretty good relationship in that we hardly ever argue and still have sex fairly frequently, he makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, and I enjoy being with him.

A few months before I moved in with him I had discovered something disturbing and highly confusing! I found that he had a fake Facebook account. He had pictures of a young man and was claiming he was 8 years younger then he actually is. [...]


"How do Girls Wearing Rompers Go to the Bathroom?"

This is one of the five things you see on Twitter before you die. (Another being TWEETS FROM YOUR GLEEFUL EXECUTIONER.) It is: "How do girls wearing rompers go to the bathroom? Is it just really awkward?" Well, it had to be asked. Because apparently the romper/jumpsuit thing is out of control-so much so that the Houston Chronicle, that arbiter of fashion, is all over it. Oh yes: "There are short romper styles at Wal-Mart and elegant jumpsuits at Nordstrom and other upscale retailers." Wal-Mart, people. And "upscale"-like Nordstrom! Oh my. Also NewsNet5 is on the case: "Rompers are all the rage this summer!" Haha, [...]


Alcohol-Related Trauma

Why does binge drinking make your bones more breaky? The answer may etc. you.


Styles Freelancer Douglas Quenqua! You Are In Real Trouble!

"But some marriage experts say that taking your disagreements to Facebook, even jokingly, is nothing to LOL about." *THROWS DOWN LAPTOP, STOMPS OUT OF ROOM, GOES OUTSIDE, LIGHTS HOUSE ON FIRE*