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Who Else Missed Nikki Finke?

Nikkie Finke is back, or nearly back, which is a cause for celebration. Yes! It was easy to get distracted by the politics of the weird Deadline situation, or the specifics of her big blowout fights with Jay Penske and Sharon Waxman, and to forget that Nikki Finke is a consciously destabilizing force in every environment where she operates, and that that's the point: She's a filterless killer of a type that barely seems to exist on the internet, especially now. Kate Arthur writes that Hollywood, and the media, has largely moved on. Maybe for Finke [her absence has] been difficult — but it’s been a joyful time for [...]


Nikki Finke v. Janice Min: The Bazillion-Dollar Lawsuit

While the lawsuit apparently filed today by the parent company of Nikki Finke's Deadline against the parent company of the Hollywood Reporter is largely about "misappropriating wholesale content" from Deadline, the fun begins when you see they accused the Reporter of straight up stealing code from their site TVLine. (The copyright infringement on the code seems pretty cut and dry. [PDF]) BUT THEN there's also a section on how the Reporter tried to "lure away" Deadline's employee, Ms. Finke, with a decent salary and a "ONE MILLION DOLLAR MALIBU HOME." Then there are like a thousand examples of stories that Deadline posted first and then the [...]


Elephant-like Nikki Finke Never Forgets

The New York Times was blown away by Jimmy Kimmel's routine at yesterday's ABC upfront; Nikki Finke, who has been covering the presentations since CBS announced its first fall cave-painting schedule (it was the year that "Thok Say 'Urg'," "Find Warm Thing Make Light And Cook Food" and "The Simpsons" all debuted) adds some historical perspective and trashes the Times's Dave Itzkoff, ("a former Maxim editor," she snidely notes) for his excitability.


Shade Dispensed

Strictly from a semantic standpoint I would question the use of both "urgent" and "news" here but otherwise there is much to be enjoyed here.


In Slight Defense of Nikki Finke

Last night I had a dream about Nikki Finke-just in passing. Like, she was at a party or something, and we had a conversation about toast. She looked great! But I awoke with a strange sympathy for her. In particular, I am thinking of some recent Gawker posts about her-some of which don't add up entirely.


Everything Is Rotten In L.A.

And finally, the ongoing feud between ex-friends Sharon Waxman (late of the Times and now the editrix of Starbucks-backed The Wrap) and Nikki Finke (the blogess of Deadline Hollywood Daily) has exploded. Because, really, how much more time would we have to spend considering ecology or our tiny lifespans if we didn't get to hear about this. It's reality T.V. except no one is filming!


Schrödinger's Finke

• "Nikki Finke has been fired from the blog she founded, Deadline Hollywood, and will be leaving the company as soon as this week."

• "As you may be aware, Sharon Waxman at TheWrap has just published a libelous, false, and defamatory story on her blog, in which she claims amongst other things that PMC has fired Nikki Finke from Deadline."

• "According to people close to Finke, her PMC contract has a window, opening this month, that allows her to leave Deadline."

• "Right now I am not going to discuss my Deadline Hollywood contract or my relationship with my boss Jay Penske. Why? [...]


Nikki Finke: Her Litigious Nature

The lawsuits that divine Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke (I refer to her in that fashion because getting emails from her is just too intense, and also? She is rather divine) has filed, according to today's front page (!!!) New York Times mini-profile:

1. "The New York Post, the News Corporation and the Walt Disney Company" for wrongful termination. 2. A class action suit against E*Trade for non-disclosed recording of phone calls. 3. A contractor working on her house, because she injured her foot. 4. A car dealership, over an extended warranty.

WHO WILL BE NEXT? Maybe you!